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As a Renter

Fixed Date / Short-term Reservations

To cancel, just go to the Park tab and tap on the reservation. Scroll down and click Cancel Reservation. Once a fixed end-date/short-term reservation has started, it cannot be canceled. This is designed to incentivize courteous and responsible parking sharing among Parkade's members.

Exceptions are made in situations where someone is parked in your spot. You can read more about what to do in those situations here: https://parkade.com/help-center-articles/what-if-i-cant-park-in-the-spot-i-rented

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Open Ended / Long-term reservations

Reservations more than 30 days in length are handled a little differently. These types of rentals, by their nature, are often indefinite in length, so renters need the ability to terminate the rental. For these types of rentals, renters can cancel the reservation at the time/date of their choosing — including immediately.

Similar to the process above, just find your reservation and click Cancel Reservation. In this case, you'll be asked to designate the date and time you would like your reservation to end.

As a Host

Fixed Date / Short-term Reservations

Hosts can cancel an upcoming reservation on the Host tab. Simply find the reservation you'd like to cancel, click on it, and scroll down. Once a reservation has started, it cannot be canceled directly in the app. Please contact us (and your renter) if you need additional assistance.

Open Ended / Long-term reservations

If the spot is being subleased by a tenant to another tenant, the spot host leasing out their spot can cancel with immediate effect up until the start of a reservation. Once a reservation begins, hosts can cancel with 14 days notice, to provide enough time for the renter to find another place to park.


Refunds are handled automatically by our system, according to our cancellation policies.

Fixed Date / Short-term Reservations

If you cancel a short-term reservation up until its start time, you will receive a full refund. Once a short-term reservation has started, it cannot be canceled, and is not eligible for a refund.

We do not offer refunds for reservations that have already ended.

Open Ended / Long-term Reservations

We do not charge for a long-term reservation until its start date. Once a long-term reservation starts, it can be canceled at any time, for a prorated refund based on the effective daily rate of the monthly reservation's price.

What if someone is in my spot?

Please refer to this page.

1. For fixed date/short term reservations: You can receive a full refund for a reservation you submit a problem report about, provided it is no more than 1 hour after the reservation start time. You can receive a prorated refund for a fixed date/short term reservation if between 1 hour and 48 hours have passed. If more than 48 hours have passed, you cannot receive a refund for a fixed-date reservation.

2. For long-term reservations: If you're reporting someone parked in your longterm spot and it's been less than 48 hours, you can choose to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund. After 48 hours have passed, you cannot cancel & refund a spot via problem reporting (though you can still report a problem and probably get a temporary spot).

If someone is parked in your spot you must use the report feature to be eligible for a refund. We will not provide refunds for situations where your spot was taken and you did not report the vehicle. Please be aware that abuse of the report system can and will result in removal from Parkade's platform.

What if I forgot to cancel my long-term reservation?

We do not offer refunds for reservations you forget or fail to cancel, long-term or short-term.

What if I can't cancel my spot on the app?

Provided it's not more than 15 minutes after your reservation start time, you can email us at hello@parkade.com.

I had to rent a temporary spot because someone was parked in my spot. Can I be refunded for this?

Parkade offers temporary parking, for free, if there are any building-owned spots available. If there are, you'll see a "Relocate temporarily (free)" option pop up after you submit a problem report. Unfortunately, there are times when there are no available building-owned spots.

Normally, with other parking solutions, you would be out of luck at that point, and have no option other than parking on the street. However, Parkade does make it possible for residents to sublease their spot, so in addition to street parking, we also give you the option to rent a spot from another resident.

In these cases, we unfortunately can't offer discounts/refunds, as the other resident needs to be compensated for their spot.

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How can I cancel a reservation / receive a refund?


It's easy to cancel a reservation, whether it's a short one or a monthly reservation. After it's started though, it may not be cancelable.

When you add available dates/times to your spot's calendar in the Parkade app, others can book your spot instantly! Parkade's calendar feature is key to this — as we only instantly book your spot during dates/times you've told us, via the calendar, that your spot is available.

Once you've set your availability on the calendar, just sit back, keep your spot empty during those times and we'll take care of the rest.

We offer a few different ways to manage your calendar, depending on whether you're wanting to quickly adjust your calendar for the next week, or make fine-grain adjustments or long-term adjustments to your calendar.

Quickly set your upcoming week's calendar

Want to quickly view or modify the next week on your calendar? That's easy in the Host tab. Just tap "Host" and, at the bottom of the screen, you'll see the next seven days — and if part of a day, or the whole day is available, it will be highlighted in green. If it's entirely blocked out, it'll be red.

Just tap on the day to flip between it being blocked out (red) and available (green). Easy! 

Scroll down on the Host tab to quickly modify the next few days

Edit specific times, or longer-term availability

Need to be more precise than just making entire days available or unavailable, or want to make a longer change like making your spot available for the next 2 years? 

To do that, just tap on the “Host” tab in the bottom navigation bar. Then, tap Calendar and select the "Detailed" view. From there, you can add range of dates/times that your spot is instantly available.

Or, is your spot available every day, all day, for a long (and maybe unknown) length of time? You can also set your spot to just be available all day, every day. To do this, you'd make, say, all day tomorrow available and then just set that availability to repeat:

Remove or edit available times

Removing or editing these blocks of available times that you've added is a snap.

To remove a block of time, go open the Host tab and select Calendar. Above, we already explained that you can use the "Day by day" view to block out entire days over the next week you want to block out your spot. If you want to make more specific changes (like block out Friday 5pm to Sunday 1pm), select the "Detailed" calendar view.

Then, hit "Edit availability" and "Remove dates". Put in the start and end times you want to make your spot unavailable and hit save.

Alternatively, you can also just tap on a block of available dates and hit "Delete availability". Press it, and the whole block of available times will be removed. Presto! 

You can also change the start date/time and end/date time of available dates. For example, perhaps you want to change the start date your spot is available from Oct 29 to Nov 4. That's easy! Just tap on the block, change the start date/time and hit "save." 

Quickly block out a few hours

Using the Park app, residents with parking spots can make their spot available to rent instantly for hours, days or months. However, if you'd made your spot available and then needed it yourself for a short period, it was very cumbersome to block out some time from your calendar.We've fixed this, and made it possible to block out times you need your spot back in just a couple taps.

Just go to the Host tab and tap Calendar. You can either block out an entire day in one tap on the "Day by day" view or select the "Detailed view" and tap "Edit Availability".On the following screen that pops up, you can now choose whether you're adding available times to your calendar, or removing availability.

Be aware this won't cancel any existing bookings during this time. It will just prevent new ones from being instantly booked.

Calendar view

The calendar view shows both the blocks of dates/times that you've made available for others to book your spot instantly, and the upcoming reservations for the spot you're currently viewing.

Reservations within that stretch of available days are shown below the blocks. Just tap on a reservation or availability block to view or edit it.

Spot switcher

When viewing the calendar, Parkade shows just one spot's calendar at a time.

It's easy to switch between spots! The spot number right below the two calendar view options (day by day and "Detailed") is tappable, and it will open a list of all your parking spots that you can use to switch to a different spot's calendar.

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How do I add or remove available times for people to book my spot?


If you know when your spot is available in advance, or if it's always available, you can proactively add available dates/times to your spot's calendar via the "Host" tab.

Using Parkade, anyone who has a long-term parking spot can make it available for others in their building to use. How to make it available depends on whether you got your long-term parking spot by renting it through Parkade, or by your building assigning it to you outside of Parkade.

Rented long-term via Parkade

If you rented a long-term parking spot in your building through Parkade, sharing the spot is super easy! 

Once you rent the spot, just flip over to the "Host" tab at the bottom of the Parkade app. If you tap "Spots," you'll see the spot you've rented listed as the spots you can "host" reservations in.

Tap on the spot to change the price (more info on that here) or advertising description others will see when booking your spot. The higher your price, the more you'll make per rental but the more rarely your spot will be rented. Lower prices will make less per rental, but your spot will get rented more frequently — perhaps netting you more money overall.

Ready to make the spot available for others to rent? Just tap on the "Calendar" tab. There, you'll see two different views of your calendar — "Day by day," which shows the 7 days, or "Detailed," which shows all future dates. Tap on either view to make dates available, or make available dates unavailable again. More information on changing availability can be found here.

Parking assigned outside of Parkade

Live in a building that doesn't use Parkade to assign long-term parking spots? For example, if your property manager told you which spot is yours, this is you! 

You can still add this spot to your Parkade account so you can share it — but since Parkade doesn't know which spots is yours, you'll need to add it to Parkade manually. You should be asked for your spot number during the sign up flow, when you first download Parkade and join your building's Parkade.

If not, or if you want to add a spot later, just tap the Host tab and then tap "Spots." You'll see an option to "Add a spot", which is how you make your spot available for others to rent.

Once you add your spot, you'll be able to set the spot number, spot headline (a few words advertising the spot, like "Close to elevator"), set the price, mark any special features of the spot (EV charger, etc) and decide when it should be available for others to use.

How do I rent out my parking spot(s)?


Using Parkade, anyone with an assigned long-term parking spot can make it available for others in their building to use.

When you first add a spot, you'll be asked to set your desired hourly price for that spot. Parkade automatically calculates a discounted daily and monthly price, based on that hourly preference. Not content with that? Don't worry, we've got your back! 

To edit your price and customize your daily and monthly prices, open the Host tab and then tap "Spots". Tap on your spot, and you'll see your pricing options. For property managers settings prices on building-owned parking, tap the Manage tab and then "Spots" instead, and then tap on the spot.

We know most people are content with our built-in daily (40% off) and monthly discounts (~25% off), so we've built a setting to maintain "Simple Pricing" mode. Keeping that on will allow you to set only your hourly price, and use our standard daily and monthly discounts.

Want to customize the daily/monthly prices? Just disable simple pricing mode, and then tap the "Daily" and "Monthly" fields to change the price, like so: 

Note that these prices are only utilized when someone books a spot you've made available via the calendar feature. If you receive a "request for parking" from another person (because no spots were available for them to instantly book), it'll be up to them to set a price as part of their request.

What pricing options are available for my spot?


Parkade offers a myriad of pricing options. Read on for more details on the options available.

Welcome to Parkade!

Many buildings use Parkade to manage their on-site parking more easily. This means moving residents from some older system that tracked parking spot assignments/deeds/rentals to using Parkade.

Wondering how this works? We've got answers.

It's fairly simple. Your building has sent us a list of each spot, and who it's currently leased to. We've imported this list, and when you sign up for Parkade, you should see your parking spot listed!

This is done by matching the phone number or email address your building gave us, so be sure to use the same phone number or email your building has on file. Not sure what email or phone we were provided? Just email us at hello@parkade.com, and we can take a look at our records.

You should see your spot(s) listed, along with vehicle information (if your building provided it to us).

  • If you are renting that spot from your building for a fee, you will need to add a payment method to Parkade and set up payment. Once you do that, and confirm it, you'll be all set! 
  • If your spot is free, deeded or assigned, you don't need to add payment or complete any kind of "check out" flow. The spot is already assigned to you, whether you download Parkade or not.

In both cases though, you should ensure that you add your vehicle information to Parkade. Parkade will be used to track and enforce parking, and you should add any vehicle information for vehicles that will be parked in your spot.

Moving forward, you'll be able to use Parkade to:

  • Report any issues with your parking spot (like an unauthorized vehicle)
  • Update the list of vehicles allowed in your spot (if, say, your nanny will be parking there) by going to the Account  → Vehicles screen
  • Sublease your spot to other residents. To do that, just flip over to the "Host" tab, where you can set the dates and prices your spot is available.
  • See your building's parking map (by tapping on your parking spot and then clicking on the map)

Each spot will look like this: 

How do I set up my assigned/deeded spot on Parkade?


A quick walkthrough of how to set up your existing spot into Parkade, at buildings that use Parkade to manage all their parking.

The first page, and the top tab on the left side you will see upon when you login to the Web Dashboard is the Assignments page. On this page you can assign tenants / lot members their parking spots - including future tenants that don’t have Parkade installed yet! Here’s a short list of the things you can do on this page:

  1. Assign new or existing residents spots if they don’t have one
  2. Change a spot for a resident
  3. Set specific prices a resident should pay for their spot (if different than the standard price)
  4. Monitor who has and has not accepted their spots

Note: You need to have set up Spots in your parking lot in order to assign them.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Click the + Add button
  • Select the Spot number you wish to assign
  • Enter the Start Date of the reservation - you will be asked to specify the time as well - this is helpful if you assigning a spot that previously belonged to someone else

Note: you can only assign a spot to someone if there are no conflicting reservations or rentals for that spot. If there are, it can’t be assigned until those reservations/assignments are complete (or deleted).

Note: You can backdate the reservation if you’d like. When the user accepts the assignment, they will be charged from the date the reservation begins.

  • If the parking spot has a definite End Date, fill it in. If not, you can leave the End Date empty.
  • Assignments without End Dates are referred to as “open ended” or “recurring”
  • Assignments created as open ended will recur automatically, monthly, on the same date unless the assignee ends the reservation (e.g., August 25 - September 25)
  • The Monthly Price will default to the spot price (covered later on). If you would like the price to be different for this reservation, you can set that here.

Note: If you set this monthly price and the reservation does not have an end date, you will need to manually update the cost to the assignee when it needs to increase

  • Choose the Occupant for the spot
  • The drop down list will populate with Members of the lot
  • You can create a Pre-Assignment if you know the individual’s email - even if they don’t have a Parkade account yet! When they create their account with this email, they will see the same prompt to accept the spot when they open the Parkade app.
  • Optional: If you the details of the Vehicle the tenant will be parking in the spot, you can enter them below
  • Click Save and you’re done!
[video-to-gif output image]
This video shows creating an assignment that is an open ended with a modified price for an existing lot member.

Important! If you are changing a tenant’s spot, make sure you tell them to end their previous reservation.

List View

The Completed column can you tell you who has and hasn’t accepted the assignments you’ve created. An X indicates the resident has not accepted the reservation, while a ✓ indicates they have.

The spot has not been accepted
The spot has been accepted

Note: When you create an assignment the spot is automatically blocked out for 30 days - it becomes unable to rented by other members of the lot. This is done to prevent the spot from being booked by someone else (which would ruin the pre-assignment). When the user accepts the pre-assignment, we instantly add the 30 days of availability back (in case they want to rent it out!).

What the Tenant Sees

The next time the resident or member of your lot that you created an assignment for opens the Parkade app, they will be prompted to accept the Spot.

There is no deadline for accepting an assignment. This means you should check for tenants that have not accepted their assignments from time to time. If they haven’t accepted it after a few days, it may be a good idea to reach out to them via email.

Using the Spot Page to Create an Assignment

In many cases, it will actually be easier to create an assignment via the Spots page, as you will be able to flow easily from checking which spots are available in your parking lot, then assign them from that screen. This is also covered in the Spots section of this guide, but here is a short video showing how it’s done:

[video-to-gif output image]

How do I assign someone a spot?


Learn how to use the Reservations page to assign someone a spot!

The Members page lists everyone who is a current, pending or former members of the lot you are currently viewing. You can also see the Spots they have assigned to them and Vehicles associated with their account. You can also take administrative actions here, like approving membership, removing access for a particular member(s), sending invites to a new people or editing certain member data.

Adding & Removing Members

There are two ways members can be added to your parking lot:

  1. The tenant (or future tenant) requests access to the lot by searching for it in the Parkade app
  2. Requires approval by a lot admin or owner
  3. The tenant clicks on an Invite link to the lot
  4. No approval needed: using the link will immediately add the member

The first option creates a user-initiated request to join the lot, which can be seen under the Status column as someone is marked as Pending.

When requesting to join a lot, users must enter their Connection to the lot - i.e. “why they are allowed to park here.” After reviewing to make sure this person should be in the lot, you can click on the “⋮” to the leftmost of the row, and select the appropriate action:

[video-to-gif output image]

  1. Approve - immediately allows the user to join the lot
  2. Remove - primarily used for existing members, you can use this to remove a member from the lot
  3. Reject - this will reject the user’s request to join the lot, but they can make another request
  4. Ban - this will reject the user’s request to join the lot, and prevent them from making another request to join

Alternatively, you can use the Invite button at the top right of the Members screen to invite members directly without the need to review and approve them. To do this:

  1. Click on the Invite button
  2. Choose the Role the user should have
  3. In most cases this should be set to Member, unless you’re inviting another staff member to monitor the dashboard
  4. Choose what type of Invite Link you want
  5. One Person, as the name implies, can be used by one person and then is no longer valid
  6. Multiple people will generate a link that never expires - so be careful if you send this out!
  7. Click Create Invite Link and copy the link
  8. Press done!

Remember to sort by Status or set a Filter to easily see everyone who is pending approval/rejection!

Member Details

Clicking on the member’s name (or clicking the “⋮” and selecting View Details) will give you a closer look at that members Contact Information, Reservations, and Spots. You can also edit their Role and Lot Connection.

[video-to-gif output image]

How do I manage members of my parking lot/garage?


Learn what you can do with the Members page on the Web Dashboard!

The Reservations list shows all reservations, including canceled reservations, in the lot that have an end date no more than 7 days ago, or are taking place in the future. Eventually this page will show reservations with end dates up to 90 days ago.

On this page, you can see all the information about a reservation.

Canceling a Reservation

Currently, you can only cancel reservations free reservations. You will receive an error if you try to cancel any other reservations. Eventually this will change and you will be able to cancel and refund reservations from this page.

Reservation Details

When you click on a reservation, you can see all the details about it. Most importantly, you can see the price for the reservation, and whether or not the reservation is recurring.

Price Changes

When lot occupancy gets too high, or a waitlist gets too long, it’s a good indicator that rates for parking should be raised. This will encourage residents without a need for a parking spot to free the space for a resident that does, and will help prevent long waitlists in the lot. Parkade can help you get these price changes set up!

That said, price changes can be finicky - while we recommend coordinating directly with our team to manage a price increase at your lot, if you would like to learn how to make price changes on your own you can reach out to hello@parkade.com.

[video-to-gif output image]

How do I monitor rentals or reservations in my parking lot/garage?


Learn how to use the Web Dashboard to see who has been making reservations at your lot!

While the majority, if not all, of your spots will have been uploaded when you were first onboarding with Parkade, the Spots page is useful for adding spots that may not have been included in the initial upload. You can also use this page to edit spots if you want to change details such as price, or you can remove spots entirely.

Adding Spots

In order to create a spot, first click + Add. You will then need to fill out the following information:

  • Spot marker - typically the spot number, along with any other identifier you might want to include (1, B:3, etc.)
The “managed by lot” indicator will almost always set to "Yes" - this is an indicator that this parking spot is managed by your building rather than the members/tenants of your building
  • Max rental duration - you can set the maximum rental duration in days and/or hours. Provided you have entered availability for the spot on the Parkade app, the follow conditions apply:
  • Setting the max rental duration to 32 days or less will make the spot available only for short-term or fixed duration parking - it will not show up if tenants search for open ended parking
  • Max rental durations longer than 32 days will appear both in short term and open ended searches

Availability for spots (what shows up for tenants searching for parking) is set within the web dashboard currently - this must be managed within the Parkade app. You can read more about adding availability here.

Want to make your spots available only by assignment? In that case, do not add availability to the spots. Note that assigning a spot will override any of the rental duration restrictions!
  • Headline - this is the one line descriptor tenants will see when they search for the spot [picture]
  • Instructions - you can include helpful instructions about the spot here, examples including describing the spot as ADA accessible, using an EV charger, etc.
  • Custom spot details - this is a custom field that is set up under Lot Management, covered later. This is how you can mark different levels or areas in your parking area
  • Pricing - You can determine the hourly, daily, and monthly price for spots here. If you use the simple pricing setting, a daily and monthly price will be calculated (with a suitable discount) based on the hourly pricing
[video-to-gif output image]
Notice that when you toggle simple pricing on, the prices you set are greyed out.

  • Features - If your spot has one or more of these features, you can select them here. Currently limited to EV Charging, Compact, or Motorcycle
  • Tandem - You can mark whether a spot is tandem or not, and whether only the outer half should be rented. If you mark it as two spots, there will be two different spots made available to be rented/assigned.

After you have set all of the above, press Save at the top right corner of the page to add the spot. Remember to add availability to the spot with the Parkade app!

[video-to-gif output image]
Creating a spot - note that after the spot is created, it shows up on the list as Unavailable. This will stay this way until you add availability in the app

Spot Details

If you click on a spot number in the list view you will be taken to the Spot Details for it. Here you can:

  • View and edit details about the spot
  • Assign the spot (see assignments)
  • View availability & reservations
  • Delete the spot (can also be done in the list view
You will be asked to confirm the deletion of a spot in a small popup to help prevent any accidents!

When viewing availability and reservations, you will be able to see the availability you’ve set within the app for the spot (but won’t be able to edit it here - yet) as well as current and past reservations. This can be useful to ensure the availability you set in the app for the spot is correct. As their names imply, you can also see who is supposed to be in a spot (including guests) based on “current and upcoming reservations” while the past reservations can help you determine if someone has perhaps overstayed their reservation.

[video-to-gif output image]

How do I manage the spots within my parking lot/garage?


Learn how to create and manage the spots in the Web Dashboard!

Parking at a busy lot can get hectic. But proactive enforcement by your on-site team or security vendor can be extremely helpful in a few ways: 

  • Finding and acting upon unauthorized vehicles, which will reduce unauthorized parking in the future (and turning those unauthorized parkers into paying parkers — win-win!)
  • Getting ahead of issues, and avoiding a tenant or employee finding an unauthorized vehicle in their spot when they try to park
  • Recapturing money spent on enforcement, and income lost from unauthorized parking, as buildings receive 50% of the amount of any fines successfully issued at buildings where we help with enforcement
  • Identify and act on non-parking issues, like a resident leaving their door ajar or using their parking for storage

Parkade already provides self-enforcement tools for your tenants by default, but the Parkade app also has special tools built just for on-site building staff and security vendors to do enforce parking during patrols (or whenever they find themselves wanting to check whether a vehicle is authorized or a spot should be empty).

To get started, first ensure that you have administrative privileges in your Parkade app. If you are an admin, you should see a "Manage" and "Monitor" tab appear in your Parkade app. Don't see them? Get in touch with hello@parkade.com.

Finding unauthorized vehicles

Are you a property manager, member of the security team or someone else who occasionally finds themselves walking through your building's parking area — and wants to do parking enforcement? That's great! Spotting unauthorized vehicles is easy, but the method varies slightly depending on whether parking is assigned (tenants park in specific spots) or unassigned (tenants park anywhere in the "zone" they've been assigned, or anywhere at all).

Enforcing reserved parking

Enforcing parking with reserved parking is super easy.

Open the Monitor tab. Then filter the Monitor tab to only show parking spots that should be empty by clicking on the Status button, then selecting Available. Spots that show up once you added this filter do not currently have active reservations, and should not have vehicles in them — i.e. ll of these spots you see listed should be empty.

Do you see a vehicle in one (or multiple of them)? Just tap on the spot, and then tap "Report problem." Then, select "unauthorized parking." On the following screen, snap a quick photo of the vehicle you're looking at, and jot down the license plate number. Hit submit, and you can move on to the next spot!

Enforcing unassigned parking

Parkade can also be used to enforce unassigned parking! If your parking lot (or parts of your parking lot) has unassigned parking, head over to the Monitor tab. Then, click on Vehicles at the top of your screen. This is the list of all vehicles registered with Parkade at your building.

Now, walk through the lot, and type each plate number you see. We'll show you if it matches any car in the system. If it does match, tap on the vehicle, and you'll see whether the vehicle is tied to a current reservation. If it is, move on to the next car!

If the vehicle is unregistered, or it does not have an active reservation for the unassigned area, go back to the previous screen and tap +Problem in the upper right corner and choose Unauthorized parking → No specific spot, then complete the problem reporting flow. If the vehicle is registered with us, we'll send a message to the owner and issue a fine. If not, depending on your building's policies, we will tow the vehicle.

What about cars not parked in spots? 

What do you do if there's a vehicle parked in an unmarked area, or in an aisle?

You can and should still report In that case! You can just click on the +Problem button on the main Monitor tab and you'll be taken to a similar reporting function. Once you select the issue type, you'll be asked which spot you are reporting a problem about — just hit No specific spot and you can describe the exact location to us in the notes.

Can I report issues other than unauthorized parking? 

Of course!

Parkade's enforcement features aren't just useful for reporting vital, urgent issues like unauthorized parking. They're also very handy to streamline communications about minor issues, like: 

  • A car light being left on
  • A car door ajar
  • A vehicle leaking oil
  • A vehicle parked over the line, or sticking too far out of the parking spot
  • Trash in a parking spot

To report issues like this, tap "Report" in the upper right of the Monitor tab, or tap on a specific spot and hit "Report problem". Then, instead of "unauthorized parking" as the type of issue being reported, select "Issue with vehicle" (for vehicle-related issues) or "Something else" for non-vehicle-related issues, like trash in a spot.

What happens after you submit a problem report?

A few different notifications happen after you submit a problem report:

  1. If we can identify the owner of the vehicle based on the license plate or spot number you submit, we will send them an email notifying them about the issue with their vehicle or spot
  2. We will send a copy of the report to any admins on your lot's account
  3. The Parkade team will be notified about the problem

Based on our enforcement agreement, we can then take enforcement action including fining or towing. In general, Parkade will take it from here though. So if you focus on just submitting reports, Parkade will generally handle the rest!

Enforcing parking without cell reception

One problem you might run into: your parking garage is underground, and there's no cell reception. We're happy to report that's not a problem! Parkade's enforcement features work beautifully without cell reception (aka cellular data/wifi signal).

For Parkade to work underground, though, you first need to open the Monitor tab before you go underground. As soon as you get to the Monitor tab, you'll see a "pill" near the bottom of the screen that shows data "pre-loading". That means the Parkade app is downloading enforcement information to your device, so your device can be used offline, without data connectivity. One it hits 100%, you're good to go enforce parking. Be aware, this can take some time, especially in big parking lots (e.g. more than 100 spots).

If you reported any issues while underground, just be sure to re-open Parkade once you're back above ground and have data connectivity, so the Parkade app can send the reports to our system. We'll let you know when they're sent.  

How can I just check who's supposed to be parked where?

Has someone shown up at your desk, or did you just receive an email, complaining about an unauthorized vehicle? Or have some other need to verify your parking information?


Just head over the Monitor tab. There, you can:

  • Look up specific parking spots/zones to see who's supposed to be parked there
  • Look up vehicles registered at your parking lot
  • Look up specific parking reservations

More info on that is available here.

How does our building staff (or security vendor) use Parkade to do parking enforcement?


Learn how to use the Parkade mobile app to do parking enforcement

Have friends or family visiting? Make sure to reserve a spot for them!

Reserving a space for your guest(s) is simple! The process is mostly the same as reserving a spot for yourself — up until you choose who's parking there.

To get started, head to the Park tab, and then:

  1. Tap Find Parking
  2. Search for and reserve a space
  3. When asked "Who is parking here?" choose Someone else
  4. Click Send Link
  5. Send the link to whoever you are reserving the space for!

Here's a quick video showing that process:

While the example video above demonstrates sending the link via text, you can also send it through any other messaging app. Just hit Copy then paste it there!

On the guest's side

Once your guest receives your invite link, they'll need to click on it to confirm the reservation for themselves. 

  • If the guest has never used Parkade before they will be prompted to download the app, create an account, and enter vehicle details
  • If the guest has an account with Parkade already and has the app downloaded they will only need to login and confirm the vehicle they're parking in the spot!

Once the guest has confirmed the spot, they will be able to view details about the spot, report problems (if there are any) and even cancel the reservation if it's no longer needed! You will also still be able to control the reservation on your end as the primary reservation holder.

Other FAQs

Can my guests make reservations for themselves?

In most cases, no. You will need to make reservations for someone who is not a direct member of your community with access to your property's Parkade group. Here's a quick video showing what a guest with no access will see once they cancel a reservation made for them (or what it will look like once that reservation is over!)

Notice that instead of "Find Parking" the button reads "Add parking lot"

There is a parking gate at my building. How does my guest get inside?

Your building may have a few different rules for guest access.

  • If your building has in-app gate access enabled, your guest(s) will be able to open the gate themselves! They will have the same "Open Gate" button that you have as the primary reservation holder.
  • If your building does not have in-app gate access enabled, you will need to refer to your building's specific rules for how guests are allowed inside. In most cases you will need to escort your guests into the parking area yourself.
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How do I reserve a spot for a guest?


Learn how to book a spot for a friend, family member, or other guest!

Sharing parking requires a foundation of shared expectations for those participating. View this guide on our community standards to understand what's expected of those who you use Parkade.

What are the community standards for using Parkade?


Parkade users are asked to uphold four sets of community standards: Respect, safety, reliable and honesty. Click to view full description.

Want to book a monthly parking spot in your building? Parkade has you covered.

When searching for parking and picking the desired duration, you can select "Open ended" — which avoid the need to pick an end date/time for your reservation. This is designed for monthly parkers, who don't have any precise end date in mind.

Using this option, you'll only see spots that have no conflicting reservations after your start time. Completing the booking will kick off a long-term, monthly reservation and you won't be billed for the first month until the reservation starts!


Short-term reservations on Parkade are billed at the time of booking, and owners are paid 48 hours after the reservation ends. For monthly bookings however, things work a bit differently.

Renters won't be billed until the reservation actually starts, at which point they'll be billed for the first month, and then monthly on the same day of each subsequent month. We'll release the funds to the spot host 48 hours after the end of each month.

For example, if on Jan 15 you book a monthly parking spot for $200 starting Feb 1, you will not be charged until Feb 1. On Feb 1, you'll be billed $200. On March 1, you'll again be billed $200, and successively on the first of every month until you or the host cancel the reservation.


Need to cancel? Renters can cancel monthly reservations at any time. Reservations that haven't started will just be canceled (since nothing was billed yet), and reservations that have started will ask renters to select a reservation end date — and we'll issue a prorated refund for unused time.

Spot owners can cancel ay any point before a monthly reservation starts. After it starts, though, they'll need to give at least 14 days of notice to ensure the renter has enough time to find alternate arrangements and/or return from travels.You can always email us at hello@parkade.com if you feel like special circumstances or extra help are required.

Additionally, this feature will kicks in for any reservations that DO have a fixed end date but are longer than 30 days. Those will be treated like monthly reservations — billed monthly, and cancelable with prorated refunds.

Credit/debit cards

Everyone who uses Parkade uses a credit or debit card to pay. This means, however, that at some point your card will expire.

In some instances, your bank will pass us the updated credit card information, so we'll be able to seamlessly continue billing you without any interruption. In cases where that's not possible, the renewal will fail if you don't remember to update your card information in Parkade.

When this happens, we'll notify you and give you a day or two to update Parkade with the new information. If you don't respond or update your card, the reservation will be canceled and you'll need to vacate the spot.

How does monthly parking work for renters?


Parkade makes it easy for those who need an extra parking spot in their building to rent it on a long-term, monthly basis.

Parkade is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that allows buildings to digitize their parking lot. Building management can use Parkade to rent spots out with the Parkade app, and those with long-term parking can use Parkade to share their reserved spots when they're not in use. Access can be private, like only for residents of a condo building or employees of an office, or the building can allow anyone to use Parkade at the building.

It's up to each building! .

The app makes it dead simple for people to share parking among a community, with features like notifications, calendars, instant booking, monthly and integration payments/payouts. If you're the owner of a single-family home and looking to rent your spot out, this probably isn't the app for you. But if you live in, visit or want to park at a private building like an apartment, office or condo, we're a perfect fit! 

What is Parkade?


Parkade is an app that allows a closed group of people to share parking spots in a building.

Parkade is a private parking group for your building. Whoever creates the group can decide just how private you want it to be! 

Your options include:

Public: Anyone can join

This is the most public type of group. This is ideal for a place that has low security concerns, and likely doesn't have a gate preventing others from accessing its garage. Anyone will be able to join the group and book a parking spot.

The least secure of private groups, there's still quite a bit of security in place with this type of group. It will be private, meaning no one can join unless the lot creator approves their request to join (which will include their name and their "Connection to the lot". However, anyone can search for your lot and request approval to join.

Private: Any member can invite another member

With this type of group, only people who are approved by the lot administrator or are invited can join the group. Anyone who has been approved to join the group will be able to invite others.

Private: Only the lot creator can send invitations

The most secure, this group will be very restricted. New members must be approved by the lot administrator, or invited — but only the lot creator can invite new people to join! Members cannot invite other members.

Is Parkade secure for my building?


Parkade is a private group — with varying levels of privacy that are totally up to you.

If you tap the “Account” tab and then tap “Payouts”, you can see both your current and pending balance at any time. Parkade adds the money to your Parkade Balance 48 hours after the end of a reservation, to ensure the reservation went smoothly.

Parkade also supports monthly bookings. For reservations over 30 days, or without an end date, we'll break the payments into chunks, and pay spot owners every 30 days. So if you rent your spot monthly starting on July 1, you'll receive your first payment around August 1.

For normal, shorter reservations, spot owners are paid 48 hours after the end of the reservation. At that point, the money becomes available for withdrawal in your Parkade account. Just tap the “transfer” button on that Payouts screen. The money is sent to your bank account or debit card, and should be available within 2-3 business days later. So if you press transfer on a Thursday, it should show up on Monday or Tuesday.

To see your balance, add or change your bank account, or withdraw your funds, open the Parkade app, tap on Accounts → Payouts. This is shown below!

After loaning my spot for money, when do I get paid?


Payments are issued 48 hours after the end of reservation, though we have some special rules for monthly, recurring bookings.

Park is used in residential or corporate parking lots. Folks who have a spot can lend it, and folks who need a spot can rent one.

It's designed for a few different types of situations:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment buildings
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Offices with limited parking

It might work for others as well! Just get in touch with us if you're curious and have questions.

Who uses Parkade?


Park is used in residential or corporate parking lots. Folks who have a spot can lend it, and folks who need a spot can rent one.

Set pricing

Once you've started to use Parkade at your building, you can offer any long-term parking spot you have to other tenants to rent. You should consider updating your monthly pricing to make it attractive to renters in your building. The lower the price you set, the more likely your spot will get booked!

If you're using simple pricing, just lower your hourly price and we'll take care of the rest. If you're manually setting prices, you can just adjust your monthly price:

Note that once you have a long-term reservation, changing the price will only affect future reservations. Existing reservations will not be affected, even long-term reservations that renew monthly.

Make your spot available

For your spot to get booked monthly, it needs to be available "long-term". In Parkade's system, that means when someone searches for a long-term spot in Parkade, your spot must be available for at least 60 consecutive days beyond the start date/time they've just searched for. So, if your spot is available every day — forever — that will obviously work.

You can make your spot availability long term by adding one day of availability (say midnight to midnight the next day) and setting it to repeat every day, by tapping Host → Calendar, select the "Detailed" view and then add repeating daily availability:

However, you can also just make your spot available for a date range, like Sep 1 - Dec 31. If someone searches for long-term parking starting Sep. 5, we would show your Sep 1 - Dec 31 spot as an option, as it's available at least 60 days past Sep 5.

To add a long block of dates, just go to the Host tab and then Calendar section, and then open the "Detailed" calendar. Hit "Edit availability" and add a date range of your choosing, at minimum 60 days (but preferably more):

Double check your availability, and add as much as you're comfortable committing to (though you can cancel later).

How does monthly parking work for hosts?


Building managers or residents with extra parking can share those spots with others via Parkade.

New to Parkade? This is the article for you! 

We've assembled a guide on getting started with the Parkade app, for first-timers. This is a handy guide to browse if you've never used Parkade before, and your building has started to use the app.

Signing up

The sign-up process is easy. Generally, most tenants whose buildings start using Parkade will receive an invite link from their building (or from a resident) to start using the app.

Didn't get an invite? Just download the app, type in your building's address and then you may have to wait to be approved to use the app by the property management team.

Sharing your spot

During the sign up process, Parkade will ask you for some basic information about you (name, email, connection to building, etc).

If you want to share your parking spot with others — it's optional, but easy! — you'll need to add your spot to Parkade. You may be asked to add your spot during sign up, and if you're not, you can add it by going to the Host tab and tapping on "Spots", then "Add a spot".

When you add your spot, you'll be asked for the spot number, the price of your spot for if/when you make your spot available via the calendar and when your spot is available for others to book. Need to change this information later? It's easy:

More information on pricing options can be found here.

Making your spot available

For those sharing their spot, the calendar feature is key. You can make date/time ranges available for others to book your spot, and book it instantly. When using this feature, your spot MUST be vacant during these times, as people will be able to book with no notice, even in the middle of the night.

To read more about making your spot available, or adding blocks of unavailable times, read this help article.

Renting/borrowing a spot

Renting or borrowing (if it's free) a spot is super easy with Parkade. Just put in the dates and times you're looking for a spot (be conservative with this estimate), hit Find Parking and see what spots are available.

Then, book the one that works best for you (or just book whatever's cheapest). You'll be able to pay via credit card, debit card or Apple Pay (no additional fees).

Walkthrough of booking a spot in your building.


Cancelation rules, and who can cancel (and when) vary slightly depending on whether you've reserved a spot short term (less than 30 days) or long-term (more than 30 days).

Read our cancellation FAQ for the most up-to-date information.

Long-term rentals

Not sure how long you'll need a spot? That's fine! Long-term rentals are fully supported with the Parkade app. Parking is billed monthly, and cancel-able at any time.

Read more about how long-term, monthly parking works for parking hosts, or for renters.

Getting paid

Have you made your spot available for booking, received your first reservation and now you're wondering when you can get that money into your bank account? Generally, it's going to be 48 hours after the end of the reservation (or 48 hours after each month), but read this FAQ for more detailed information.

Parkade just launched at my building. How do I use the app?


A beginner's guide to borrowing parking, or sharing your spot, with fellow tenants at your building.

Parkade is a way to rent parking spaces, and on rare occasions, there’s a problem with the spot someone has rented. It could be a spot that’s too small for a large SUV, or an errant/unauthorized car is parked in the spot. 

Whatever the problem is with the spot, renters can tap on a reservation on the Park tab, and then tap “Report parking problem”.

We’ll ask if the problem is if another car is parked there, and if so, we’ll collect the license plate info and a photo. The spot owner will receive an email with whatever information was submitted. Then, we’ll show renters the various options at their disposal to resolve the issue: 

  1. Keep reservation intact (aka, do nothing while they wait to hear from the spot owner)
  2. Cancel reservation, get refund and rebook a new spot
  3. Cancel reservation and get refund

Note that if you report the issue within the first hour after your reservation started, you can get a full refund. Canceling with a refund after that point will just refund renters on a prorated basis for any unused time. If it's a fixed-term reservation, the refund option will no longer be available at all starting 48 hours after the start of the reservation.

What if I can't park in the spot I rented?


On rare occasions, renters are unable to park in a spot they've rented. Here's what to do in the <1% of cases that happens.

Parkade has ability to tag your spot with “EV charger accessible”, and using Parkade can help make it a lot easier for EV owners to find an EV charger when they need one. You can read more about that here.

For building managers who are in charge of a communal bank of EV chargers or people who have an assigned parking spot that has an EV charger, this makes it significantly easier to manage or share EV parking.

When anyone first adds a parking spot to Parkade, you'll be given the option to mark the spot as having an EV charger. Did you miss that option and need to go back later and adjust it? Tap Account → Manage lots → [Your building name] and then tap on your spot (or hit “Add a spot” if you haven’t added one yet). After tapping on your spot, scroll down, and you’ll see the “EV charger attached” toggle. If you have an EV charger, just enable that toggle, and Parkade will notify anyone who searches for parking that your spot has an EV available.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough: 

How does Parkade make EV charging easier?


Parkade makes it easy to mark which spots have EV chargers attached, which can make EV charging a lot easier for EV owners — and enable people who have an assigned parking spot with an EV charger to share the charger.

Every reservation made on the Parkade platform has an end time (or at least, it will eventually).

For fixed-length rentals — like Monday, 5pm to Tuesday at 9am — the end time is clear from the get-go. For open-ended reservations, there is no end date when the reservation begins, but eventually the spot owner or the renter will set an end time to the reservation.

Per Parkade's Terms of Service and our Community Standards, renters should vacate the parking spot they've rented by the end time of the reservation. If the reservation ends at 9am, the spot should be empty by no later than 9am, for example. This helps ensure the next person who uses the spot will find it available.

Parkade sends notifications to renters 15 minutes before the end of the reservation, as a reminder that the reservation is coming to an end. If more time is needed, renters can book more time if the spot is still available (though it may not be, in which case the renter will need to vacate the original spot). This helps ensure good behavior, and ensure the spot is vacated as planned or the time is extended.

However, if a renter does not vacate the spot by the end time of their reservation, they may be subject to fines from Parkade and to towing by the spot owner (and/or building management). Parkade strives to warn vehicle owners that their car is parked beyond the end time, and may issue fines along with communications. Our fine policy for overstaying a reservation (or parking without permission at all) is to charge for time parked at 10x the normal rate to park in that spot, rounded up to the nearest hour.

So if you park a spot that charges $1/hr for an extra 1.5 hours, Parkade will issue a fine of $20 (2 hrs x $1 x 10).

Additionally, Parkade will work to find temporarily parking for anyone displaced by the unauthorized parking extension, and may bill costs for that additional parking spot to the person who did not move their car by the promised end time.

What happens if someone stays behind the end time of their reservation?


Parkade works hard to avoid renters staying beyond the end time of their reservation, but here's what happens when someone doesn't leave by the end time.

There are two primary features property managers once Parkade launches at their buildings: Building-owned parking and the Monitor tab.

Building-owned parking

Does your building have communal parking, or lease spots to residents for a fee? It's easy to manage reservations in those spots through Parkade, and limit who can reserve them to just your residents and staff. If you do this,

To use this feature, just go to the Manage tab. If you have a lot of spots, we can import them in bulk. Want to do that, or missing the Manage tab? Just drop us a note.

Monitoring Parkade activity

Once Parkade is up and running, property managers are set up with "admin access," and with that, you'll be able to monitor everything happening in Parkade at your building. Here's the various things you'll monitor:

Moderating lot "members"

Parkade allows you to limit access to reserving parking to a limited set of people. Most buildings limit access to just tenants and staff, while some buildings add trusted guests or people who work on-site, like at a mixed-use building. Still others allow anyone to park on site and use Parkade.

Whatever the case, you can go to Manage  → Members to view everyone who has permission to park in your parking lot. At the top you'll see "pending members", who are people waiting for your permission to start using Parkade. Below, you'll see active members. You can tap on their names to view more info and see their contact info, or remove their access to Parkade.

Monitoring spots

Want to see which parking spots are at your building, and who has permission to park in a specific spot? Just tap on Monitor → Spots and browse the list of spots.

At buildings using Parkade to lease all spots to tenants, you should see all parking spots listed. At buildings that only use Parkade to enable tenants to share spots, you'll likely only see some parking spots listed. That's intentional, as Parkade only gets spots info from the people who choose to sign up and add their parking spot.

Tap on a spot, and we'll show you what people (and which vehicles) should currently have access to that spot. We'll also show you past and upcoming rentals and vehicles as well.

Monitoring vehicle

Need to look up a particular vehicle? That's no problem! Just tap on the Vehicles tab in the Monitor section, and you'll see a list of all vehicles that have ever been granted access to park at your property through Parkade.

You can browse the list or use the search function. If you tap on a vehicle, we'll show some more details about the vehicle, like who the owner is and what reservations it's been associated with. You'll also be able to call, text or email the vehicle owner, right from the app.

Monitoring reservations

Want to know what reservations have been made with Parkade, or spots assigned with Parkade? Just flip over to Rentals tab, and you'll see a list of all reservations. You can search the list as well, by name of the renter.

I'm a property manager. How do I use Parkade to manage parking spots at my building?


Parkade can be used as a reservation system for assigned parking spots at your building. Read on to learn how!

Parkade is based in the United States, so when you sign up for Parkade, you'll notice the phone number defaults to having +1 (the United States and Canada's country code) appear at the beginning of the phone number.

To fix this, anyone with a non-US phone number just needs to hit "backspace" and delete the 1. Then, type your country code, followed by your phone number. That will do the trick! 

How do I sign up for Parkade with an international phone number?


It's easy to use Parkade overseas, but you need to change the default phone number setting

In addition to the many features that are available to a parking manager through Parkade’s app, we also provide a central page where you can get a more holistic view of your parking, as well as take administrative actions. The Parkade Web Dashboard is accessible only to building admins and owners - residents experience Parkade solely through the app!

Logging In

The login process is the same as for the Parkade app - enter your phone number for your login and we’ll text you a code to get you signed in.

Problems with Logging In

If you are shown the following page, you may not have the correct permissions.

Double check with your team to ensure your account is set up with admin access, or reach out to hello@parkade.com if you’re unable to resolve the issue.

Main Page / Choosing the Correct Lot

After login, you will be presented with the default “assignments” page. If you own or manage multiple buildings or parking lots you can choose the correct lot in the drop down menu to the top right. Make sure you are always set to the correct lot before you make any changes!

[video-to-gif output image]

Using the list/table views

The tables in each section of the web dashboard are interactable and can be sorted and filtered.

  • To apply a filter: Hover over a column header, hit the three dots (⋮) and you can apply a filter. For example, you can select the “Recurring” column in the Reservations list view, and opt to only view reservations where “Recurring” is set to true — which will only show me recurring reservations. All short-term ones will be filtered out.
  • You can also apply a filter at the top left by clicking “filters” and selecting the column you want to filter by
[video-to-gif output image]

  • To sort: You can sort any column alphabetically, or by date. Just tap on it to order ascending, tap again for descending order, and tap a third time to reset it.
  • To Export: Just hit the “Export” button and everything will be exported into a .csv for download. If you export while a filter is enabled, the data you export will only contain the filtered data.

Almost every list view also allows you to click on a particular row of the list view, and view a “Detail” page with a lot more information about that particular item.

You can learn more about various actions you can take on the web dashboard using the links to the right side of this page!

Web Dashboard Introduction


Introduction to Parkade's web dashboard

The Vehicles page allows you to see if a vehicle you are not sure about belongs to a resident, and additionally allows you to add vehicles to the system.

We strongly encourage mandating that all residents register their vehicle in their Parkade account. We also encourage adding any vehicle they plan on using to their account. They should enter the Make, Model, and the accurate License Plate number (even if it is a temporary one). For the most part, if a vehicle is registered, that allows us to contact the resident, and issue fines instead of towing.

On the Vehicles page, there are two ways to look up a vehicle. First, you can utilize the search bar and enter in either the make, model, plate # of a vehicle, resident name, or resident email. Second, you can  search by filtering any of the categories.

Pro tip: We often search by partial plate number to see if anything has the potential to match what we are looking. You would be surprised at how many residents do not enter their plates correctly and are often off by one digit!

The Vehicle page also allows you to add a vehicle to the system. Simply select the "Add" button on the right hand side and enter in the details. This is a great way to assist residents in adding their vehicle, ensuring all employee vehicles are entered, and even adding in vendor vehicles. The more information we have regarding all vehicles that have the potential to be in your lot at any given time, the easier it is for us to tackle enforcement.

How do I check if a vehicle belongs to a resident/member of my lot?


Learn how to use the Vehicles page in the Web Dashboard!

Settings used for adding spots, inviting members, and fine-tuning rules about your lot are controlled in the Manage Lot section. Typically, this entire section is set up during implementation, and under normal circumstances, will not need much modification.


Lot Name

The lot name is typically set to the name of the building your residents reside in. The building/complex name is normally the most natural way tenants search and request to join a parking lot, rather than entering a street address.

If there are multiple properties with different names (and parking lots) under one umbrella name, separate lots should be created for each unique property & parking lot to avoid any confusion. This will make it easier for you to manage and for your tenants to find parking.

You should not create multiple lots on Parkade for a property that shares one parking lot - instead you should use secondary addresses

Primary Address

The address associated with your parking lot. The primary address can only be edited by Parkade staff.

Secondary Addresses

Secondary addresses are incredibly helpful when you have multiple buildings or parking lots associated with the same property name.

For example, if my property “Parkade St Apartments” has a building A (at 555 W Parkade St), B (at 343 N Parking Lane), and C (at 900 W Car St), but they all share the same parking lot, you should add each building’s address here. That way, when the tenants enter their building name or address they will all see the same lot (instead of seeing nothing!).

You can add as many secondary addresses as you need by clicking the Add button - and you can remove them by clicking the “⋮" to the right side of each address.

Parking Type

You can choose between how short-term rentals are provided here. Typically this is set to Hourly.


You can modify whether your parking lot is available to the public here.

  • Invite-only should be turned on if you would like to control who has access to your lot. If the selector for this is turned off, anyone can join the lot, essentially making it public.
  • Admin-only should be turned on if you would like to control who can invite another person to your lot. If the selector for this is off, any current member of the lot can invite another person using invite links.

In most cases, if your lot is managed with Parkade, you will have both of these settings turned on.

Gate Access

If your building is configured with gate-access integration, you'll see the integrated gates listed here. You will even be able to open those gates by selecting "open gate".

Gate Access is a great way to allow your residents to open any necessary gates utilizing the Parkade app. If you are interested in Gate Access, let us know and we'll be happy to discuss your options.


You can manage the maps for your parking lot here. Normally this is set up during implementation but can be edited here if needed. When residents search for a spot, they typically like to see where the spot is located. Adding maps allows them to see exactly where the space is located in the app, before booking.

Maps can be associated to specific zones/levels as well!

Billing - Owners Only

Under the Billing tab, you can manage the payment method you use to pay for the monthly platform charge. You can add and delete payment methods and choose your default payment method here.

Payouts - Owners Only

Most buildings we partner with keep a percentage of the revenue generated by residents sharing spots. Here you can configure the method used for these payouts. Parkade uses Stripe to manage both payments and payouts on the platform.

A note on payouts: building payouts occur on the 5th of each month, and contain all transactions that occurred before the 3rd of the month. This allows us to settle any outstanding charges or changes that might occur (like cancellations).


Settings listed in this section play a large role and have a big impact on your lot's operation. It's super important to understand which each setting refers to.

  • Allow long-term parking requests: When turned on, this lets lot members request parking spots on a long-term basis. Turn off to disallow long-term parking requests in this lot.
  • Prompt for spot: This decides who is in control of adding parking spots to the building. If enabled, users can add spots themselves and provide their own spot numbers. If disabled, users cannot add spots themselves and only those with admin or owner level access will be able to do so. If disabled, all spots will be marked as "Managed by Lot".
  • Spot price limits: Here you can implement a minimum/maximum price on how much people can charge per hour/day/month for their spot at this lot/building. For HOA managed buildings, this is helpful if there are HOA specific policies in place surrounding spot leasing.
  • Lot Zones: Here you can configure lot zones (or even Levels) to better define spots, and unlock features like associating spots to parking maps, etc.

How do I manage the settings of my lot?


Learn how to use the Manage Lot section on the Web Dashboard!

Buildings Managed by Parkade

At buildings where Parkade enforces parking, we reserve the right to tow your vehicle immediately if you do not have an active, valid reservation for where you have parked.

In some situations, at our discretion, we may instead issue a fine. Please be aware that if we are unable to issue a fine for any reason your vehicle will be immediately towed.

Buildings Not Managed by Parkade

At buildings where Parkade does not enforce parking, enforcement may be handled by spot owners and/or property owners. Their policies may vary, so make sure you check with them (or, use the tips below to avoid these situations!).

How to Avoid Enforcement Action

While the list below is not all-encompassing, and rules can vary at buildings where Parkade does not enforce parking, it will provide you some tips on how to avoid common reasons for parking enforcement action.

1. Always Make a Reservation for Yourself or Your Guests

Parking without a valid reservation is an almost surefire way to face enforcement action. Make sure you always have an active reservation if you plan at parking at a building managed by Parkade.

Even if you're only parking in a space for 5 minutes, you must have an active reservation.

2. Make Sure You or Your Guests Only Park in Spots You've Reserved

Make sure the spot number in the app matches the physical spot number.

Even if you're missing you're only one spot over, this can have a cascading effect on other reservations at the building.

3. Make Sure You or Your Guests Vacate The Spot by The End of The Reservation

Make sure you reserve enough time for your entire stay, or move your vehicle from the spot by the end of your reservation.

While we do not offer "extensions" you can always search for parking in the app again — if you see the spot, feel free to reserve additional time. If you don't, it means someone else has probably made a reservation for the spot.

4. Register Your and Your Guests' Vehicles

We prompt you and your guests to register your vehicle(s) when making or accepting a reservation — please make sure you accurately enter the license plate of your vehicle. You can add (and remove) vehicles from your account at any time by clicking on AccountVehicles.

Even if the vehicle is a rental, make sure to register it in the app!

5. Only Park in Valid Spots

Only park in spaces that are marked, and you have made a reservation for. Even if your vehicle can fit there, it might be kept empty for a variety of reasons, including safety or accessibility.

6. Make Sure to Abide by Your Building's Policies

Your building may have additional policies outside of Parkade's. This could include things such as only being allowed to have one parking spot, not allowing vehicles without a front license plate, or requiring all vehicles in the garage to be registered in Parkade.

Parking Enforcement


Towing, Fines, Penalties, & Other Enforcement Information — and how to avoid it!

Help us bring Parkade into your building!

Are you a resident looking to help solve your building's parking woes? Or maybe you loved using Parkade at your last home? Introduce us to your building and we'll see if a partnership there makes sense. The best news? If we sign an agreement to launch as a result, we'll pay for your parking for the year!*

Use this form to connect us to your new building.

*Some terms and conditions apply to this offer:

  1. You must be the first person to introduce us to the building
  2. If we have already reached out to this building, this offer will not apply
  3. We must sign a full agreement in which your building pays for our services
  4. This offer applies to one (1) parking space, assigned either to you, or someone in your same unit

In some cases, new properties will be given a trial period of our services. In those cases, provided our contract is continued after the trial period, we will begin covering the cost of your parking spot.

Building Referrals


Bring Parkade into your building!

At some of our managed properties we offer two different types of parking leases: flexible term, and fixed-term.

Flexible-Term Parking

Flexible-term leases are the classic Parkade experience:

  1. Search for and reserve an open-ended parking spot whenever you want
  2. Cancel the spot whenever it's no longer needed, and receive a prorated refund based on the the cancelation time
  3. Freely switch parking spots in the app

These types of leases are usually best when you're not sure about your parking situation — such as when you're considering selling your car, or if you only need parking for a couple months during the year.

These types of reservations are typically more expensive to account for the additional flexibility offered by the lease.

Fixed-Term Parking

Fixed-term leases are more in line with your standard apartment parking rental experience:

  • Choose your desired parking space from the list of available options
  • Choose an end date for your parking reservation in advance (usually your apartment lease end date, but this can vary)
  • You may switch to a more expensive spot or a spot with the same price, but under most circumstances you cannot cancel your reservation or switch to a lower-priced spot

These types of leases are typically less expensive than flexible-term leases, and must be arranged by contacting us at hello@parkade.com.

Flexible vs. Fixed-Term Parking Leases


Learn about the differences between the two types of long-term leases we offer at our managed properties!

Billing Issues

We understand that sometimes situations present themselves that inhibit your ability to pay on time. In situations where we are unable to collect the payment for your long-term parking spot, we provide you a few days of leeway as a courtesy. We will attempt to contact you a few times through your email on file with us, but please be aware that your monthly reservation will be automatically canceled if we are unable to collect payment for your spot within 7 days (168 hours) of when the initial payment was supposed to process.

If your spot is automatically canceled due to non-payment, your vehicle will be subject to enforcement action, including fining and/or towing. If your spot reservation is automatically canceled due to non-payment and you would like rent a new space on Parkade, you will need to contact us. Please be aware that in order to make a new monthly reservation after a spot has been canceled:

  1. You will need to pay for the past due 7 days for your spot reservation that we have not collected
  2. You will need to pay a penalty fee of $20
  3. You may be reassigned to a new space based on availability, or placed on a waitlist for a spot
  4. You will not be provided the 7 day leeway period for future instances of failure to collect payment

If you have concerns about payments for your spot reservation, please be sure to contact us immediately. In many cases we can work with you to set up a plan of action to get your bill paid, but we need to hear from you!

Billing Issues


Having trouble making your monthly payment? Read more here.

As outlined in our Terms and Reservation Terms, Parkade and your building reserve the right to tow your vehicle or issue fines when your vehicle is reported parked somewhere it shouldn't be. To appeal a fine or ask a question about a tow, please either respond to the email we send you notifying you of the fine, or reach out to us at hello@parkade.com.

Please note that Parkade is not a towing operator. We work with towing vendors at our buildings to conduct parking enforcement, but we do not receive any kind of compensation for towed vehicles, nor do we have any physical control of your vehicle once it is removed from the parking lot.

General reasons that fines won't be dismissed/tow fees will not be reimbursed:

Below are some commonly listed reasons given for violating parking rules. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address the rules put in place by Parkade, or by the building. These reasons generally will not result in the fine being removed or a tow fee being reimbursed:

"I was only parked in the spot for 5 minutes"

No errand, task, or event, no matter how short or how important to the parker, is an acceptable excuse for unauthorized parking.

"I was late for business or personal appointment"

Being late does not permit unauthorized parking.

"There was no other place to park"

It is parker’s responsibility to locate authorized parking. Parkade allows requests to be made to other parkers in the garage to request a short-term space, even when none are available in the app.​ If you are still unable to find a space you will need to arrange to find parking in another location.

"I didn't see the sign" or "I didn't understand the sign"

Parkers are required to look for signs when parking. Saying that you did not see a sign with parking restrictions is not an acceptable excuse.

"Only part of my car was parked where it shouldn't be"

A fine is not based on a certain percentage of the vehicle being parked incorrectly. If part of the vehicle extends into a restricted area, or someone else's parking spot the fine is the same.​

"The app bugged when I was making my reservation"

Until you receive confirmation by email and in the app that you have reserved a space, you may not park there.

"I left someone in the car", "I left my parking lights on (or blinking)", "I left a note on the car as to my whereabouts", or "I left the motor running"

The presence of a passenger, a note or blinking lights does not constitute a valid reason to dismiss a fine.

"Nobody else got a ticket" or "I've seen other people do this"

Parking violations stand on their own, regardless of whether or not a neighbor got away with a similar or same offense.​

"Someone else had my car; I wasn't even driving it" or "this was my guest's vehicle, not mine"

The registered owner, renter or lessee is responsible for a parking violation, unless they can prove their vehicle was being driven by someone without their approval. As stated in Parkade's Terms, a primary renter for a host is responsible for ensuring their guest parks in authorized locations only.

"This rule was not enforced in the past"

Apparent failure to enforce parking rules does not constitute a valid excuse for unauthorized parking.​

"I've done it for years" or "Everybody else does it"

This is never a valid excuse for unauthorized parking.

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Issues with Enforcement


Worried about a fine you received, or was your vehicle towed? Read more here.

Towing is an important part of maintaining smooth operations of your parking facilities, and is expected by your residents. Unfortunately, even when rules are clearly stated with the community, you will have rule-breakers. When vehicles are towed as a result of these violations, Parkade helps ensure your team has the information they need when asked by the vehicle owner.

Problems Tab on Web Dashboard

What you should tell the vehicle owner

  • Tell them their vehicle was parked in an unauthorized location
  • Tell them their vehicle was towed as it was found parked in an unauthorized spot
  • We recommend not sharing who reported the vehicle (especially if it was another resident) as that can cause inter-resident problems

How to minimize towing

  • Make sure you have clear, accessible, and understandable directions for parking
  • Often signage provided by tow companies and required by law will just state "Unauthorized vehicles will be towed" without any guidance on what "Authorized" vehicles are
  • Reach out to our team at hello@parkade.com if you are interested in customized Parkade signage for your parking lot
  • Make information available on who is authorized / what authorization is, (even if the authorization process itself is tightly controlled)
  • Ensure towing vendors follow a strict process of verifying authorization to conduct towing, and make sure each request is thoroughly documented

Still have questions? We're always available!

Having trouble finding a specific report, or have unanswered questions about towed vehicles? Reach out to our team any time at hello@parkade.com.


What to do when someone reports their vehicle was towed


Is someone asking you or your team why their vehicle was towed? Here are some tips on how to make sure they have the information they need.

Adding a Payment Method

To add a new payment method, click on Account → Payment MethodsAdd a payment method. When adding a new bank account, you can choose "instant verification" via credential log in, or you can choose manual verification via microdeposits (though this can take a few days).

Changing a Payment Method

We will always ask you what payment method you would like to use when reserving a new space, but you can change your default payment method in the app by clicking Account → Payment Methods.

Updating a Payment Method

Card number or expiration date changing? You can update that by clicking on Account → Payment Methods then tapping on the payment method in question.

Reservation-Specific Payments

You can pay for different reservations using different payment methods. Want to use your bank account for long-term payments, but your credit card for short-term spots? No problem! Here's how to change the payment method you use for existing reservations in the app:

  • Navigate to the Park tab
  • At the top of the screen, click on your long-term spot
  • Scroll down in the details screen to Payment
  • Tap on the payment method there to change it to your preferred payment method (or add it if you haven't already)
  • Repeat steps 1-4 above for any other long-term spots you have (and you want to update the payment method for)
  • Whenever you make a new reservation, we will ask you to designate the payment method you would like to use.

    Supported Payment Methods

    Parkade supports payments via credit/debit card, Apple & Google Pay, and, in the app, bank account (also called ACH).

    Payment information is stored with Stripe, and never on Parkade's side. Stripe is trusted by major corporations world wide with financial information, and your data is securely stored on US-based servers. You can read more about Stripe's security policies here: https://docs.stripe.com/security.


    Payments made by credit/debit card, or Apple/Google Pay will incur a 3% service fee. To avoid this fee, you can use ACH in the app!

    How to add, change, or update a payment method


    Need to add, update, or change your payment method? Here's how to do it!

    As a California-based company, Parkade abides by the California Consumer Privacy Act, one of the strongest privacy-protection laws in the world. Our Privacy Policy, outlined at https://parkade.com/privacy-policy, explains in full detail how Parkade upholds your privacy.

    As mentioned in the Privacy Policy, Parkade offers consumers the ability to delete their own Parkade account, right within the Parkade app itself. To do that, just open the Parkade app and navigate to Account → Settings → Delete account.

    Note: There may be instances in which you are unable to delete your data due to vital business needs, until you make updates to your account. For example, if you currently have an active or upcoming parking reservation through Parkade, you'll need to cancel that reservation before you can delete your account.

    How can I delete my account and/or data?


    An overview on how you can delete your data directly in the Parkade app.

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