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USE CASE: Capacity

Park 29% more cars with Parkade

Without expensive new infrastructure, Parkade’s digital parking system enables your building to get more out of parking, boosting capacity as much as 29%.

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Parkade parking lot
Fill vacant spots with short-term parking
Instant booking — daily, hourly, monthly
Tenant subleasing
Make staff parking available in off hours
Always-accurate records
Increase turnover & reliability of EV parking

Turn your parking shortage into a parking surplus

We’ve boosted parking capacity at buildings all over the world.


Increased utilization

Extra parking sold to public

Increased utilization

Spot shortage → surplus

Increased utilization

45 more cars parked/day
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Instantly boost capacity with short-term parking

Whether it’s a resident who only uses their spot half the year or an empty space between a lease, Parkade allows idle parking to be reassigned for any duration of time.

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Improve behavior with always-accurate records

Old-school systems — like hangtags, stickers and spreadsheets — are easily abused. Parkade’s fully digital records are 100% accurate and easily updated by residents, meaning you can say goodbye to random cars taking up space in your lot.

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Fix utilization issues with smarter pricing

Want to offer more price points or ready to start charging for parking? Parkade makes both super easy! Better matching budgets and needs is a win for everybody.

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Parkade's magic: Resident subleasing

See how this simple feature in the app can transform your lot.

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Anyone with long-term parking can sublease their spot when not using it, to someone else in the community.

Residents earn the lion’s share of subleasing revenue, while management can opt to take a cut too.

Subleasing can help significantly with messaging about parking price increases, explaining how residents can easily make money back.

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