Level up operations with Parkade Rule Sets

Easily ration or discount parking for tenants depending on unit type or other factors.

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What is a Rule Set?

Rule Sets allow buildings to control the amount and price of parking that different groups can reserve. Groups can consist of various tenants based on unit type.

Automate your entire flow

Become a hands-off parking wizard with Rule Sets and PMS Integration.

Sync Parkade with your PMS

Integrate Parkade with your tenant directory and set up groups based on unit or tenant type.

Specify rules for groups

Create Rule Sets for both short-term and long-term parking and specify pricing across groups.

Watch the magic unfold

We’ll apply the rules to existing and new tenants added to the group(s). Don’t forget to sync Parkade with your parking gate too!

Boost NOI with granular pricing

Rule Sets are an easy way to start charging for some or all parking, short or long-term. For example, charge $1/per hour for short-term parking while offering 1 free long-term spot.

Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Vastly improve records

With Parkade, you can set it and forget it. Rules are enforced automatically — even the most complex combinations — meaning no records ever get lost or fall out-of-date.

Offer public parking at a premium

Rule Sets allow you to keep parking affordable (or free) for tenants while up-charging for parking rented to the public.

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