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"It's so much easier to accommodate visitiors now!"

Robin Johnston

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For a small community, parking sharing was a regular source of chatter on the building's email list. So frequent and noisy, residents saw it turning into a headache. Instead, they turned to Parkade.

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At the Independent, parking was one a struggle. Since the building moved all parking-sharing from their BuildingLink forum to Parkade, easy visitor and long-term parking has become a point of pride for Austin's largest building.

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La Galleria

Finding parking was once so difficult that La Galleria rented deeded spots from residents to use as guest parking, and property management maintained a waitlist for long-term resident-to-resident parking arrangements. Parkade has replaced both.

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Lyft HQ

Assigned parking transformed Lyft's parking lot, and how its employees got to work. And championed by Parkade's founders, it led to the creation of Parkade — so every workplace could replicate Lyft's suffice.

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Typical increase in parking revenue on unbundled parking spots
Increased parking shared at residential buildings after launching Parkade
Number of cars that have been towed from Parkade partner buildings since launching

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