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Make more money on parking with less work

Parkade maximizes your parking revenue with dynamic pricing, short-term parking rentals, flexible terms, revenue sharing and more.

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Unlock short-term and paid visitor parking
Leverage dynamic pricing algorithms
Share revenue on tenant subleasing
Offer flexible-term leases for a premium
Automatically collect violation fees
Reduce parking payment delinquency

Explore revenue outcomes at buildings just like yours

We’ve boosted parking revenue at apartments and offices over the world.


Columbus, OH




in parking revenue

$37,600/mo at stabilization,
$49,200/mo after Parkade
15 months later

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Mariposa on 3rd

Los Angeles




in parking revenue

$8,100/mo before Parkade,
$21,000/mo after Parkade
8 months later

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The Archer





in parking revenue

$1,750/mo before Parkade,
$3,200 after Parkade
3 months later

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Short-term parking: A win for everyone

With Parkade, tenants can instantly book vacant spots between leases or sublease another tenant’s spot with a single tap, boosting revenue for your building — all without your team lifting a finger.

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Unlock flexible leases for a premium

Only offering 12-month parking leases? Tenants will pay more for shorter terms. Parkade’s system allows you to offer leases for any duration at higher prices.

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Earn 8% more with smarter pricing alone

Only offering a couple price points? Like a Yieldstar for parking, Parkade’s pricing algorithm takes in a number of factors like location, size, floor, EV charging and more, allowing buildings to offer 20+ price points.

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Parkade's magic: Resident subleasing

See how this simple feature in the app can transform your lot.

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Anyone with long-term parking can sublease their spot when not using it, to someone else in the community.

Residents earn the lion’s share of subleasing revenue, while management can opt to take a cut too.

Subleasing can help significantly with messaging about parking price increases, explaining how residents can easily make money back.

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