Discover dynamic pricing for parking

You don’t charge the exact same price for your apartments. Why just have 1-2 price points for parking? With Parkade, dynamic pricing is easy.

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Parkade parking lot

Tailor pricing to any factor

Employ custom algorithms to maximize revenue and occupancy.

Fixed leases
Flexible leases
Compact spot
Tandem spot
Covered parking
EV charging
Premium location
Public parkers
....and much more

Automate your entire flow

Sync Parkade with your PMS

Integrate Parkade with your tenant directory and set up groups based on unit or tenant type.

Specify pricing & rules

Create Rule Sets for both short-term and long-term parking and specify pricing across units.

Watch the magic unfold

Our system will apply the rules to existing and new tenants added to the units. Sit back and relax!

Charge the right price, every time

Gated, floor-level, covered, elevator-adjacent — the options are endless, and some spots are undeniably better than others. Parkade makes it easy to capture new revenue by pricing spots appropriately.

Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Differentiate pricing across groups

Want to set different prices for visitors, affordable units, penthouses, staff and more ? Or ration the amount of free parking per month? Anything’s possible with Parkade Rule Sets.

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Example revenue management in action

Curious to see Parkade at work? Check out the impact we had at an apartment building in downtown Denver. Before Parkade, in 2022, they struggled with managing tenant and guest parking. After Parkade, revenue was up 35% YoY.

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More revenue success stories

Still not convinced? Check out more case studies at buildings like yours.


Columbus, OH




in parking revenue

$37,600/mo at stabilization,
$49,200/mo after Parkade
15 months later

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Mariposa on 3rd

Los Angeles




in parking revenue

$8,100/mo before Parkade,
$21,000/mo after Parkade
8 months later

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The Archer





in parking revenue

$1,750/mo before Parkade,
$3,200 after Parkade
3 months later

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