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A smarter way to manage parking at your building

Parkade helps residential and commercial buildings better manage and share parking.

"Total game changer for parking at work."
"It's so much easier to get parking at my building now."
Private for your building
Simple to use
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No more empty parking

  • Should your building modernize how residents get reserved parking or guest parking?
  • Is parking at your company unpredictable? 
  • Does your condo lack sufficient spots for visitors, EV owners and/or residents?

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List parking spots for rent. Make visitor parking easier. Earn money by renting your parking spot.

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A private parking app, just for your building

Parking in crowded cities is frustrating. We got tired of driving around the block over and over again, paying for parking tickets, and trying to pin our parking hopes on strangers on a message board. So we built Parkade.

Parkade is an app made for private buildings to manage their parking. Parkade simplifies how residents and workers reserve parking and enables them to reshare spots when not in use — so everyone wins, and less parking is needed.

Parkade's iOS and Android free apps allow you to set up any building in a couple of minutes. Invite your building's tenants, and they'll be able to book assigned parking spots — or share their own spots if they've already been assigned spots.

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Get started with Parkade

1. Download the app

Grab the Parkade app from the app store

2. Add or join your lot

If your building isn't using Parkade, add your lot to our system and invite others tenants. If they're already using it, just join the group!

3. Start sharing

Start renting or sharing parking at your building

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Who Parkade serves

We help building tenants, who can already access a building's garage, rent and share parking.

Are your employees fed up with your unassigned parking lot? Switch to monthly or daily assigned parking using Parkade, and delight your team.

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Rental apartments can use Parkade to manage unbundled parking, and enable renters who aren't using their spot to share it with other residents.

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Condominiums generally assign parking with each unit. Those spots are hard to share with other building residents. We make it easy via our app.

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Residents can earn extra money when they’re not using their parking spot by listing it on Parkade.


Packed with features

Parkade is built expressly, from the ground up, to make sharing parking easy among tenants at a multi-family residence or business.
Monthly parking
Integrated payments
Visitor parking
Electric vehicle charging
Instant bookings
Admin view
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Parkade is free!

Buildings pay no fees, and no costs, for their tenants to use Parkade. We just charge a small fee on paid reservations. For a sample $20 transaction:

Goes to spot owner
(e.g. at least $16 on a $20 transaction)
Charged by Parkade
(e.g. max $4 on a $20 transaction)

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