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Who we are

At Parkade, we're on a mission to create a more livable, more affordable, more mobile world — with far fewer parking spots. 

Our team cares deeply about the overabundance of parking in the world, and is working hard to make housing and offices more affordable, by enabling less parking to be built.

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A small but mighty crew

Our team is small, but our passion for changing parking is enormous. Join us!
Evan Goldin
Ben Plowman
Anne Weisenstein
Marketing lead
Chase Tarnopol
Sales Development Representative
Chelsea Byrne
Support Operations Manager
Dasheill Worfolk
Operations Associate
Elle Patterson
Product Designer
George Wigsten
Account Executive
Glen Robertson
Senior Software Engineer
Jasmine Castillo
Account Executive
Kurt Rose
Software Engineer
Kyle Merson-Wi
Head of Operations
Lara Yasumi
Support Operations
Nima Dehnashi
Staff Software Engineer
Rodrigo Vera
Lead Mobile Developer
Stephenie Young
Support Operations
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Trusted by the top names in real estate

Our team works with the best and most innovative buildings around the country to push the envelope on changing how buildings use their parking.