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Automate parking enforcement

Your team no longer has to deal with ticketing and towing. For any issues that do arise, residents have a direct line of support 24/7.

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Parkade parking lot

The magic of enforcement with Parkade

Save countless hours

Say goodbye to paper parking passes, spreadsheets, and manually tagging mis-parked cars.

Elevate security

Parkade leverages real-time data to quickly identify unknown vehicles and tow if necessary.

Reclaim revenue

Eliminating mis-parked cars creates more parking for residents and visitors alike — no more lost revenue.

We cover it all

Mobile enforcement
Always-accurate data
Automatic citations & fines
Instant spot relocation
License plate scanning
Vehicle towing
24/7 support
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How it works

We make enforcement easy — exactly the way it should be.

On-the-go enforcement

Staff, security or even a resident volunteer can walk the lot with our mobile app and instantly check open spots for unauthorized vehicles, then submit reports with the tap of a button.

Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Instant notification to the offender

If the plate is in our system, Parkade will automatically issue a fine and notify the scofflaw owner to move their vehicle.

Instant relocation for the victim

For the resident who finds the unknown car in their spot, Parkade provides them with a temporary spot to park in while we resolve the issue.

Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

24/7 towing & support

We mitigate towing by quickly identifying unknown vehicles and issuing fines, but we're also here 24/7 to pull the trigger when needed.

Something to write home about

Customers love Parkade — but don’t just take our word for it.

customer headshot

“Our parking runs so smoothly here because of Parkade, and I’d rather deal with anything else than parking.”

Jacob Stallard

Dir. of Residential Services, Milhaus Residential

customer headshot

“It’s just a no brainer to use Parkade.”

Brook Purcell

Regional Manager, Greystar

customer headshot

“Residents love Parkade. They really do.”

Mariana Salfiti

Community Manager, First Service Residential

“We needed magic for all the residents to have a parking space. Parkade worked like magic.”

Eunice Lee

Community Manager, Sares Regis Group

“We went from having constant parking issues to not having any parking issues.”

Andrew Petit

Community Manager, Greystar

"Before [Parkade], nobody could park in our building. People were on waiting lists for 10 years.”

Kelly Jupitz

General Manager, 201 Isabella

“It’s working! We have enough parking now.”

Angela Lamothe

Environmental Services Director, Channing House

“We were already looking for [help with] visitor parking requests, so as soon as Erik told us about Parkade, it was really a no brainer."

Keith Nunn

Community Manager, Crawford Hoying

"From a resident's perspective, having that immediate solution is amazing."

Sarah Bein

Assistant Property Manager, Milhaus Residential

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