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Rent excess parking to the public with Parkade

Is your parking located in a busy area? Easily rake in extra cash by offering public parking.

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Parkade parking lot

Boost NOI without compromise

We empower buildings to meet their tenants’ parking needs, while also selling excess parking to the public — all with one simple system.

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How it works for public parkers

1. Search for a spot

Posted signage will take parkers to a web app where they can see their options.

2. Select and pay

They enter their info, and voila! If there’s a gate, they can access it for the duration of the booking.

Parkade covers it all

From payment collection to problem reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Secure payment

Parkade handles all payments, including offering Apple and Google Pay for ultra-fast checkout.

Gate integration

Only public parkers with a current, valid reservation will be able to open your gate. Learn more ›

24/7 enforcement

For any issues that arise, Parkade is here to help resolve them, day or night.
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Price differently for tenants vs. public

With Parkade, buildings can easily keep parking affordable for tenants or guests while charging the public more for the same spot.

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Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Reduce spot abuse

Buildings in popular locations may already experience unknown cars in their lot. Now, you can capitalize on that demand and strengthen security by requiring paid reservations.

Offer only a portion of parking to the public

With Parkade, you can specify exactly what’s available to the public. For example, if you have both gated and ungated areas, you can limit the public to spots outside the gate only.

Parkade parking lot

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