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How we partner with buildings


Parkade is free!

  • We operate on commission

    Parkade costs nothing to set up, and there are no recurring costs. We just take 10-20% of the transaction cost — ensuring that we only make money when we deliver value to the building.

  • Significant new parking revenue

    Whether you're thinking of a condo, apartment or office building, Parkade can help generate significant new parking revenue if desired, while increasing tenant satisfaction at the same time.

  • Free is fine!

    For spots where the spot owner wants to share the spot for free, free transactions are 100% supported and don't cost a thing.

LAUNCH process
Building involvement
We love working with property managers or HR/office management teams (at offices), and some of our most successful buildings involved formal partnerships. It's a great way to ensure new tenants get access to Parkade as time goes on.

It's by no means required though — and we've seen many residents start using Parkade directly. If you're a group of condo residents, or really any group with assigned parking that you want to share with ease, feel free to download the app, invite everyone you want and start sharing parking today. If you're a tenant and want to share parking in your building but only with management's blessing, feel free to get started, and introduce us to whoever manages your building/parking lot.