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Your spot awaits

We're transforming how parking works at private buildings, with a mission-driven focus to vastly reduce the amount of land needed for parking.

We want to leave today's America in the past, where 2 billion parking spots are used an average of 12% of each day and finding parking is a regular struggle for many. Instead, we're creating a world with far less parking, and one where every parking spot is available to use at the push of a button.

Be an early part of building something big

We have venture capital, a top-notch team and strong interest from the real estate world to improve how parking works. With you on board, we'll build something massive, with a massive impact on the world.

Benefits galore when you join

Lots of great reasons to join the team! 
Competitive Salary

No need to eat ramen. We try to make our cash comp competitive for the market.


Early employees will get a significant ownership stake in Parkade, so you can share in our success.

Mission-driven work

As an early employee, you’ll help shape our mission, and get to live it every day.


Fresh off a fundraise, we're adding healthcare benefits moving forward!

Flexible vacation

We’re hiring you because we trust you. That extends to time off — take what you need.

Advocacy time

We support efforts to improve our streets and cities, even if it occasionally happens during work hours.

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