Sync Parkade with your Property Management System

Save time by finally managing tenant and parking data in the same place, with changes synced in real time.

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Parkade parking lot

Say goodbye to manual tasks and spreadsheets

With Parkade synced to your directory, new residents receive their parking assignment the instant they move in.

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Automate parking assignments

1. Integrate your PMS

Integrate Parkade with your tenant directory and set up groups based on unit or tenant type.

2. Specify per-unit rules

Create Rule Sets for both short-term and long-term parking and specify pricing across units.

3. Watch the magic unfold

Our system will apply the rules to existing and new tenants added to the units. Sit back and relax!

How integration works

Parkade quickly and easily integrates with the leading property management systems.

We import PMS data

Parkade will sync tenant data — like lease length, move-in, and move-out — and always keep it up to date.

Users are instantly notified

Existing and new tenants will receive an email and SMS  with parking instructions prior to move-in.

Create parking magic with Rule Sets

Once you sync Parkade with your system, you can create custom parking rules and prices that automatically apply to groups based on tenant or unit type.

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Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Level up operations with Gate Integration

Have a PMS and parking access control system? You can automatically grant new tenants gate access and terminate it upon the end of their lease.

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Simplify move-outs

When a tenant moves out, we’ll automatically revoke access and they’ll no longer be able to park. Tenants will receive an email summarizing any final charges due.

Parkade parking lot

Hear from buildings just like yours

Customers love Parkade — but don’t just take our word for it.

customer headshot

“The short-term reservations are providing a kind of income that we weren't able to take in before Parkade."

Erica MacDonald

Dir. of Commercial Management, Thrive Companies

customer headshot

“Our parking runs so smoothly here because of Parkade, and I’d rather deal with anything else than parking.”

Jacob Stallard

Dir. of Residential Services, Milhaus Residential

customer headshot

“It’s just a no brainer to use Parkade.”

Brook Purcell

Regional Manager, Greystar

“Residents love Parkade. They really do.”

Mariana Salfiti

Community Manager, First Service Residential

“Using Parkade, we’ve seen a $4,000/mo revenue increase, plus our staff is saving a ton of time.”

Erik Wood

AVP of Property Management, Crawford Hoying

“We needed magic for all the residents to have a parking space. Parkade worked like magic.”

Eunice Lee

Community Manager, Sares Regis Group

“We went from having constant parking issues to not having any parking issues.”

Andrew Petit

Community Manager, Greystar

"Before [Parkade], nobody could park in our building. People were on waiting lists for 10 years.”

Kelly Jupitz

General Manager, 201 Isabella

“It’s working! We have enough parking now.”

Angela Lamothe

Environmental Services Director, Channing House

“We were already looking for [help with] visitor parking requests, so as soon as Erik told us about Parkade, it was really a no brainer."

Keith Nunn

Community Manager, Crawford Hoying

“Parkade has paid for itself in short-term parking revenue alone.”

Brittany Neff

Regional Manager, Coastal Ridge

"From a resident's perspective, having that immediate solution is amazing."

Sarah Bein

Assistant Property Manager, Milhaus Residential

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