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Modernize access with Parkade Gate Integration

Tenants and trusted visitors can open the gate to your parking area right from their mobile phone.

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Parkade parking lot

Optimize operations without compromising security

Opt for all-digital access synced with your tenant directory, or keep your existing clickers and fobs as a back up.

Simple installation

Simply add a small “dongle” to your gate control box for a low monthly fee with free install.

Low monthly cost

Despite a low monthly fee under $100, installation, cellular data and maintenance are included.

Countless hours saved

Eliminate the thread of lost remotes and save staff up to 10 hrs/week. Learn more ›

How gate access works for tenants

Synced with parking data

Tenants and guests with a current, valid parking spot in the specified area can open the gate.

Access via smartphone

When their reservation or lease starts, parkers will see an ‘Open gate’ button in the app.

Limit lost fobs and midnight lockouts

Physical parking gate clickers and fobs are difficult to manage, tough to track and easily misplaced. Give parkers a digital backup method, or eliminate them entirely.

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Parkade parking lot
Parkade parking lot

Easy access for guests

Say goodbye to accidentally locking guests and vendors out — or having to manually let them in through the gate. With a quick reservation, they can enter without hassle.

Link your gate and tenant directory

Have a PMS and parking gate? Integrate Parkade with your system and automatically terminate a tenant's gate access upon the end of their lease.

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Parkade parking lot

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