Enhance security and enforcement with Parkade

Parkade's software improves security and handles parking enforcement at all hours so you can get a little (or a lot) more sleep.

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Parkade parking lot
Instant problem resolution
Secure, digital gate access via app
Easy guest parking registration
Digital license plate records
App access for security vendors
24/7 customer service for parking issues

No more parking headaches

Boost security with Parkade’s suite of enforcement tools.

Stop unnecessary towing

Don’t accidentally tow a resident! Use the Parkade app to instantly contact the owner of a mis-parked vehicle.

Entrust us to enforce parking 24/7

Let Parkade handle all your enforcement issues and towing, even overnight.

Quickly register guests in the app

Staff and residents can instantly register and reserve spots for trusted visitors.


Integrated gate access with Parkade

Strengthen security and control with gate access directly in the app.

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Reduce (or eliminate) fobs and clickers
Digitally sync access with parking list
Low monthly cost + free installation
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Centralized, up-to-date vehicle records

Residents will be able to update their own vehicle records! Staff and security can access Parkade anytime too, whether on the web or mobile app, even underground or without cell service.

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24/7 temporary spot relocation

Someone parked in a resident’s spot? They can report it in the app and instantly receive a new spot to park. No more angry calls at midnight.

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Residents feel safer after launching Parkade

We've transformed security at communities all over the world.

“With Parkade, our staff can easily track vehicles, and if there’s ever an unauthorized car in my spot or an aisleway, I can quickly report it. Our garage feels way safer.”

Karen W.

Mariposa resident

“I love the convenience and security of Parkade.”

Gail D.

La Galleria resident

"We thought we’d have to walk a few blocks in SOMA (less than ideal) with our young daughters in tow each time we parked our car.  Just want to say thank you!”

Katherine G.

Yerba Buena Lofts resident

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