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How easier parking creates a greener world

How in the world do easier parking and reduced emissions go together? We'll explain, and share our vision for the greener world we want to create — through smarter parking.

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How to build less parking and measure parking usage with no hardware

Developers often provide too much parking, yet for so many, parking is tough. Solve both problems, by using Parkade to park more cars in fewer spots.

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How to pick the best parking allocation strategy for a residential building

There are three options for allocating parking at residential buildings: Unassigned parking, assigned parking or unbundled parking. Understand the options better, figure out what's right for your building and learn how Parkade can help improve the options.

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Smarter parking at multi-tenant offices

Parking at multi-tenant offices is usually handled poorly — e.g. giving your tenants parking proportional to the square footage they leased, and then watching some tenant's parking sit empty while others are desperate for more.

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Better parking at mixed-use buildings, with Parkade

Tired of empty parking at your mixed-use building? It doesn't have to be that way. Here's how you can fix it, with the help of Parkade's technology.

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Never enough EV chargers in your building? Parkade can solve that.

Providing enough EV chargers in a multi-family or office building is a huge challenge for many — leading some buildings to install poorly utilized chargers at a high cost. Through smarter planning, some simple rule changes and the Parkade app, there's a better approach, and it works better for everyone.

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Should EV chargers be put in assigned or communal parking spots?

Deciding where to place EV chargers in offices or multi-family residential buildings can be a tough choice. We've written an overview of the options and tradeoffs.

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