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Property management

Making the case to implement new proptech

As a property manager, you may see the clear need for new proptech. Here’s how you can get the “yes” from ownership.

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How can you use AI in property management?

Multi-family management teams have a growing list of responsibilities for shrinking teams. Using AI strategically could be the solution.

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What to include in a resident satisfaction survey

A resident satisfaction survey helps you uncover strategies to increase renewals. Here’s what it should touch on.

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What to do if your apartment complex doesn’t have enough parking

Not enough parking at your apartment complex? Check out these 8 tips from our parking experts to help ease a shortage.

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Nailing resident communication as a multi-family property

Ever wonder why some apartment complexes just feel better to live in than others? A lot of it comes down to something surprisingly simple: good communication.

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How to land on the perfect apartment complex name

You have a million options for your apartment complex name, so how should you go about picking the perfect one?

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