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Parking planning

Guidance, suggestions and best practices for companies that own and operate buildings with parking.

How to design the best parking lot layout for a new development

In charge of designing parking at a new development? Read on to learn what makes a well-designed parking lot and pitfalls to avoid.

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How to price parking at your apartment building

Pricing your parking is a tough decision. At Parkade, we work with buildings across the globe to help them better manage their parking—read on discover what we’ve learned.

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How Parkade's CEO helped to change commuting culture at Lyft

Tired of parking frustrations at his then-office, Parkade CEO Evan Goldin (then a product manager at Lyft) moved the company from free, first-come first-served parking to paid, reservable parking. Here's how he did it.

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How does a company switch to paid parking, but do it equitably?

Ready to switch to paid parking at your company? Here’s how to make a smooth transition.

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How to build less parking and measure parking usage with no hardware

Developers often provide too much parking, yet for so many, parking is tough. Solve both problems, by using Parkade to park more cars in fewer spots.

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How to pick the best parking allocation strategy for a residential building

There are three options for allocating parking at residential buildings: Unassigned parking, assigned parking or unbundled parking. Understand the options better, figure out what's right for your building and learn how Parkade can help improve the options.

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