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Corporate announcements about Parkade

How easier parking creates a greener world

How in the world do easier parking and reduced emissions go together? We'll explain, and share our vision for the greener world we want to create — through smarter parking.

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Parkade launches our parklet guide

Parklets are exploding in popularity, so we've launched a how-to guide, on everything you need to know to create a parklet.

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Parkade's first property management partners love Parkade

Hear from Parkade's first property management partners about how transforming parking has not just made life easier for residents, but massively improved the life of its property management and security teams as well.

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Now live: Monthly, recurring reservations!

We've just added support for monthly, long-term reservations to the Parkade app! These are reservations without an end date, and they'll be billed monthly. Cancelable at any time.

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Introducing the new Parkade logo and brand

Goodbye Park, hello Parkade! Our new brand and website is live.

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