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Company thoughts on how parking can be improved.

5 reasons to switch to assigned parking

Are you revamping parking at your community? Here are the most common signals that assigned parking may be the right choice.

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Dos and don’ts of visitor parking registration at your apartment

We’ve spoken to dozens of apartments around the country, and put together the most common pitfalls and top recommendations on how to do visitor parking registration right.

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Winter is coming. Is on-street dining ready?

How are cities around the country preparing their shared on-street dining/retail spaces for the coming winter, when temperates will drop below freezing?

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Parklet movement founder reflects on its past, present and future (and his favorite parklet)

It’s the 15th annual Park(ing) Day, a day to celebrate creative reuses of parking spaces. Parkade founder Evan Goldin sat down with one of the parklet movement and Park(ing) Day’s founders, John Bela, to look back on the movements’ origins and get his thoughts on the exploding popularity of streeteries during COVID-19.

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From a parking spot, WePark creator reflects on helping ignite the parklet trend

In 2019, Victor Pontis launched WePark — a movement to use parking spaces for coworking. In the months since COVID-19 spread across the world, businesses worldwide are finding themselves pinched for outdoor space, and reclaiming parking spaces for expanded business space as one of the best hopes for survival. We interviewed Victor about the movement he started, and his thoughts on current trends.

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The other curve your company needs to flatten to get back to work

It’s clear that last year’s office configuration won’t work, but last year’s commute and parking at your workplace won’t work either — companies will need to flatten their parking curve to accommodate their team.

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