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Parkade launches our parklet guide

Evan Goldin
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Parkade launches our parklet guide

Evan Goldin

It's been only a decade since a couple of cities started experimenting with street space by creating "parklets" — turning 1-3 parking spaces into an extension of the sidewalk. Not by pouring concrete or altering their curb, but by building a tiny park on top of the parking lane.

Ten years later, parklets are having their moment.

With COVID-19 shutting down indoor dining, retail, gyms and many other businesses vital to communities everywhere, business owners have found that their very survival may hinge on their ability to find outdoor space to operate. And, as it turns out, parking space is the perfect (and often closest) space to reclaim — especially when fewer off-street parking spots are sitting empty thanks to Parkade.

So, all around the countries, cities small and large are quickly making it legal for businesses to reclaim parking spaces in front of their businesses for expanded outdoor business space.

To aid the effort, and because we love seeing parking repurposed for better uses, we at Parkade have launched a Parklet guide.

The guide covers three major topics:

We hope this helps parklets expand even quicker than they already are!

We're assembling the best parklets across the world. Have one you love? Please tell us! We'd love to know and add it to our guide, and forthcoming list of favorites:

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