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Better parking at mixed-use buildings, with Parkade

December 6, 2020
Evan Goldin


Not enough parking in your mixed-use building?

Mixed-use buildings are an excellent solution for urban development. They combine two or more uses like  residential, business hotel, entertainment, etc. all into one structure, and bring  benefits for the neighborhood, including:

  • Greater variety and density of building types;
  • Improved energy efficiency and sustainability;
  • Stronger neighborhood character;
  • Better integration with city services, like public transportation
  • Closer proximity between various types of buildings;

In order to reap all these benefits, a mixed-use building must meet the needs of its future occupants as well as its impact on its surroundings. Unfortunately, parking often becomes a poorly-planned afterthought. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of Parkade, developers can maximize parking usage at mixed-use buildings, build less parking and still ensure no one is left without parking when needed. 

Stop wasting empty parking spots at mixed-use buildings by enabling sharing across use types

Let’s imagine a mixed-use building that provides residential and office space. The developers built 100 spots for residents and perhaps 50 spots for the offices, thinking it will be enough. But, more often than not, such arrangements are not good enough because the majority of these spots end up sitting empty and unusable at one point or another.

When residents leave their apartments for work during the day, their spots sit empty. Workers in the building can’t use those parking spots since they are reserved for residents only. On the other hand, all those office parking spots sit empty at night, while residents have to struggle and search for parking away from their building. Not the best solution, right?

Fortunately, there is one strategy that can help residents of mixed-use buildings maximize the utilization of parking spots in their building: Parkade can help you unbundle all the spots and allow the all tenants to share the parking.

Solve all your parking issues at mixed-use buildings with Parkade

It's wasteful for commercial parking to sit empty at night and residential parking to go unused during business hours — while visitors struggle to park. Parkade is the missing key. The Parkade app has been designed, from the ground up, to suit the needs of mixed-use residential buildings perfectly.

With the help of Parkade, mixed-use buildings can centralize all types of parking in one place:

  • Spots assigned to/rented by residents: With Parkade, residents can share their assigned/rented/deeded parking spots when their car is not parked.
  • Spots assigned to/rented by commercial tenants: Commercial tenants can share their assigned/rented/deeded spots with others as soon as they leave for home.
  • Dedicated visitor spots: Make “Visitor parking” spots that are devoted only to short-term use, bookable for residents and their guests.
  • Unbundled parking: Unbundle your parking altogether, and lease it to tenants (commercial or residential or both) using Parkade.

Parkade’s innovative features that solve all parking issues

Parkade reimagines parking at mixed-use buildings. Using our mobile app, we automate the leasing of parking to all tenants and visitors, enable parking to be leased for any duration, and expand parking capacity by making it easy for those with parking to reshare an idle spot.

Here’s how Parkade can help maximize parking utilization in your building.

Parkade promotes sharing

Parkade's sweet spot is helping the employees who come to your building every day share parking with residents who live in the same complex. Set smart time limits on your retail parking, and you'll motivate residents and workers to utilize each other's assigned parking.

Easy and instant parking booking

Mixed-use buildings often have different parking spots; some are dedicated to residents, some to commercial tenants, and others to visitors. The problem with that approach spots is that parking availability is unpredictable. 

Parkade changes that by allowing anyone to manage a calendar of available dates and times the spot is available. Tenants can book those times instantly, at any hour.

Payments + payouts are built-in

With Parkade, accounting headaches will become a thing of the past and payments are easily. 

Parkade charges rentals straight to a credit card. Building management can transfer the money to their bank account or debit card. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Smart leasing

Managing parking is a difficult task. 

Stop wasting your team’s time, and let Parkade do all the work instead. We'll ensure leases never overlap in the same spot, and we'll automatically notify renters at the start and end of their reservation. Also, your team can use Parkade to monitor membership, ban bad actors and view all past, current and future reservations.

Unbundle the right way with Parkade

Most mixed-use buildings either assign parking to residents or offer unbundled parking. In either scenario, Parkade can level up your building and also help increase the building’s revenue.

Your building can use Parkade to let tenants who aren't using their assigned parking to rent it to another resident or you can use Parkade to handle your monthly parking rentals.

Using Parkade offers many benefits to the buildings but the community as well. This easy-to-use app is a great way to allocate parking more efficiently and boost the building’s revenue as well. 

Parkade doesn't charge setup or monthly fees. Buildings can use Parkade to rent their excess (unbundled) parking and take a slice of tenant-to-tenant sharing.

And, the best part is that you can ensure security with Parkade. The app is just like a Facebook group. You get to choose who is in the group and who rents parking. This way, you can restrict parking access only to residents and workers, and perhaps trusted visitors as well.

Getting your building on Parkade is as simple as creating an account, typing your building's address and then inviting your fellow residents so that they can join the fun. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure to answer all your questions in a timely manner and help you get started.

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