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EV charging

Topics related to electric vehicles and charger infrastructure/usage.

How to determine pricing for EV parking spots

As EV chargers become a more popular apartment amenity, you want to make sure that you’re pricing it right to manage demand and offset costs.

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How to get your condo HOA on board with installing EV chargers

In need of EV charger access in your building? Here’s how to persuade your HOA into installing an EV charger at your condo.

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Stop wasting money on smart EV chargers

Networked chargers are incredibly expensive, harder to use and don't solve the key issue of managing the parking in front of their charger. There's a better path: Use a much more affordable dumb charger, and just manage the EV parking (and charge for it!).

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5 reasons you need EV chargers for your office and workplace

EV chargers for offices bring huge benefits to employees and staff. See why you should add EV charging and how Parkade can help manage it.

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Never enough EV chargers in your building? Parkade can solve that.

Providing enough EV chargers in a multi-family or office building is a huge challenge for many — leading some buildings to install poorly utilized chargers at a high cost. Through smarter planning, some simple rule changes and the Parkade app, there's a better approach, and it works better for everyone.

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Should EV chargers be put in assigned or communal parking spots?

Deciding where to place EV chargers in offices or multi-family residential buildings can be a tough choice. We've written an overview of the options and tradeoffs.

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