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Now live: Monthly, recurring reservations!

May 28, 2020
Evan Goldin


We launched Parkade initially to focus on making it easier for people to find parking for their visitors.As we've grown, we received a flurry of requests to better support longer reservations. Many of you asked to make a reservation with no set end date, and get billed monthly.

So last week, we rolled out support for monthly, recurring reservations!

Need long-term parking? We got you.

Finding an extra monthly parking spot in your building just got a whole lot easier.

Now, when searching for parking and picking the desired duration, you can select "Open ended" — which avoid the need to pick an end date/time for your reservation. This is designed for monthly parkers, who don't have any precise end date in mind.

Using this option, you'll only see spots that have no conflicting reservations after your start time. Completing the booking will kick off a long-term, monthly reservation and you won't be billed for the first month until the reservation starts!

Hosts: Set your monthly prices, and update your calendar

If you have a parking spot you're not using at all, you should encourage monthly reservations. Add the spot to your Parkade app if you haven't already.To encourage monthly bookings, you'll want to (1) consider updating your monthly pricing. The lower the price you set, the more likely your spot will get booked! If you're using simple pricing, just lower your hourly price and we'll take care of the rest. If you're manually setting prices, you can just adjust your monthly price:

(2) The more availability you add, the more likely you'll get a monthly rental. So, make sure you've added enough availability for your spot to get booked monthly. Double check your availability, and add as much as you're comfortable committing to (though you can cancel later).

Details: Payments and cancelations

Short-term reservations on Parkade are billed at the time of booking, and owners are paid 48 hours after the reservation ends. For monthly bookings however, things work a bit differently.

Renters won't be billed until the reservation actually starts, at which point they'll be billed for the first month, and then monthly on the same day of each subsequent month. We'll release the funds to the spot host 48 hours after the end of each month.

Need to cancel? Renters can cancel monthly reservations at any time. Reservations that haven't started will just be canceled (since nothing was billed yet), and reservations that have started will ask renters to select a reservation end date — and we'll issue a prorated refund for unused time.

Spot owners can cancel ay any point before a monthly reservation starts. After it starts, though, they'll need to give at least 14 days of notice to ensure the renter has enough time to find alternate arrangements and/or return from travels.You can always email us at if you feel like special circumstances or extra help are required.

Additionally, this feature will also kick in for any reservations that DO have a fixed end date but are longer than 30 days. Those will be treated like monthly reservations — billed monthly, and cancelable with prorated refunds.Have any feedback on these changes or anything else? Reply to this email, or contact

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