Launch checklist

Ready to modernize your parking? To launch Parkade, share some information with us and then — farther down the page — read over what you need to do.

Basic info

Provide the primary address of your building, and ANY secondary addresses that tenants frequently use as well.

Communications coordination

Note that we'll need you to share a list of resident emails if Parkade is sending invites out (preferred method), and/or we'll provide you with email copy and a link for the email from you. You can send this list to
We'll plan to send the email invitations to residents in the morning on your chosen date.
We typically host a virtual Q&A session via Zoom for your residents to greet them and answer any questions. When would you like us to host this virtual session? We usually do it at 6pm on the same day we launch at your building.
Just as we want your residents to be familiar and comfortable with the app, the same is true for you and your management/security team. Schedule a quick 30 minute app walk through with the team, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of our admin features.  What’s a good date/time for this?

Using Parkade to lease building-owned spots to residents (optional)

In addition to enabling residents to share their spots, will your building use Parkade to lease any parking spots to residents? That could be a small number of spots (like guest parking) or all of them. If so, fill out the three questions below.
We'll import these spots into our system, so they'll be available on launch day. Open this example spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and go to File -> Make a Copy, and fill in the spot numbers, prices and other info about each spot. Or download the file here, and email it to
Thanks! We'll get back to you soon about next steps. The main need remaining will just be getting your help communicating to residents. Read on about that below!
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Email residents

Use Parkade as the way tenants get parking, for a fee, and they can rent hourly, Email all residents to let them know about the partnership, launch date, guest parking, and to expect an email from Parkade with the link to join.

Parkade will share sample messaging with you along with an FAQ PDF, so no need to worry about drafting content.daily or monthly. Up to them!

Post fliers

Hang signs in elevators, lobby and all other shared spaces. Parkade will provide signage that includes your building’s unique QR to allow residents to easily join the building’s Parkade.

Cross post

Post in other building channels including Facebook groups, Nextdoor groups, etc.

Share emails

Share resident emails with Parkade. We will email residents with their unique registration link to join your building’s Parkade group. We’ll also share links to helpful onboarding information.

Update old signage

Update physical signage at the spot to make it clear that these spots are not first-come, first-serve for whoever is driving by them. It should be clear that they are reserved parking (“Reserved parking: Tow away!” is our language recommendation), and it can help to have signage encouraging people to book the spots with Parkade.