Evan Goldin

“We can fix this.”

Parkade co-founder and CEO Evan Goldin was tired of hunting for parking on the street when visiting his parents condo, and also frustrated seeing so many housing developments get rejected, downsized or filled with too much parking because of neighbors' concerns about overflow.

So, he co-founded Parkade with Curtis Rogers and Ben Plowman.

Prior to Parkade, he ran product development, design, data and engineering at Chariot Transit, a high-tech shuttle operator acquired by Ford Smart Mobility. He left in 2018 to start Parkade.

Before Chariot, he was the first product manager at Zimride, which became Lyft. From 2012 to 2015, he helped scale Lyft nationwide, and turn it into a household name. Along with Curtis Rogers, he created the Lyft for Work product line, which was Lyft's first foray into B2B products. Lyft for Work now has annual sales in the billions of dollars.

Blog Posts

A cheat sheet on Professor Donald Shoup's groundbreaking work

Parkade co-founder Evan Goldin summarizes UCLA Professor Donald Shoup's treatise that inspired the company, "The High Cost of Free Parking."

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How easier parking creates a greener world

How in the world do easier parking and reduced emissions go together? We'll explain, and share our vision for the greener world we want to create — through smarter parking.

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How Parkade's CEO helped to change commuting culture at Lyft

Tired of parking frustrations at his then-office, Parkade CEO Evan Goldin (then a product manager at Lyft) moved the company from free, first-come first-served parking to paid, reservable parking. Here's how he did it.

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How does a company switch to paid parking, but do it equitably?

Ready to switch to paid parking at your company? Here’s how to make a smooth transition.

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How to get your condo HOA on board with installing EV chargers

In need of EV charger access in your building? Here’s how to persuade your HOA into installing an EV charger at your condo.

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Stop wasting money on smart EV chargers

Networked chargers are incredibly expensive, harder to use and don't solve the key issue of managing the parking in front of their charger. There's a better path: Use a much more affordable dumb charger, and just manage the EV parking (and charge for it!).

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5 Reasons you need EV chargers for your office and workplace

EV chargers for offices bring huge benefits to employees and staff. See why you should add EV charging and how Parkade can help manage it.

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How to build less parking and measure parking usage with no hardware

Developers often provide too much parking, yet for so many, parking is tough. Solve both problems, by using Parkade to park more cars in fewer spots.

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How to pick the best parking allocation strategy for a residential building

There are three options for allocating parking at residential buildings: Unassigned parking, assigned parking or unbundled parking. Understand the options better, figure out what's right for your building and learn how Parkade can help improve the options.

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Smarter parking at multi-tenant offices

Parking at multi-tenant offices is usually handled poorly — e.g. giving your tenants parking proportional to the square footage they leased, and then watching some tenant's parking sit empty while others are desperate for more.

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Better parking at mixed-use buildings, with Parkade

Tired of empty parking at your mixed-use building? It doesn't have to be that way. Here's how you can fix it, with the help of Parkade's technology.

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Never enough EV chargers in your building? Parkade can solve that.

Providing enough EV chargers in a multi-family or office building is a huge challenge for many — leading some buildings to install poorly utilized chargers at a high cost. Through smarter planning, some simple rule changes and the Parkade app, there's a better approach, and it works better for everyone.

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Should EV chargers be put in assigned or communal parking spots?

Deciding where to place EV chargers in offices or multi-family residential buildings can be a tough choice. We've written an overview of the options and tradeoffs.

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Winter is coming. Is on-street dining ready?

How are cities around the country preparing their shared on-street dining/retail spaces for the coming winter, when temperates will drop below freezing?

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Parklet movement founder reflects on its past, present and future (and his favorite parklet)

It’s the 15th annual Park(ing) Day, a day to celebrate creative reuses of parking spaces. Parkade founder Evan Goldin sat down with one of the parklet movement and Park(ing) Day’s founders, John Bela, to look back on the movements’ origins and get his thoughts on the exploding popularity of streeteries during COVID-19.

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From a parking spot, WePark creator reflects on helping ignite the parklet trend

In 2019, Victor Pontis launched WePark — a movement to use parking spaces for coworking. In the months since COVID-19 spread across the world, businesses worldwide are finding themselves pinched for outdoor space, and reclaiming parking spaces for expanded business space as one of the best hopes for survival. We interviewed Victor about the movement he started, and his thoughts on current trends.

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Parkade launches our parklet guide

Parklets are exploding in popularity, so we've launched a how-to guide, on everything you need to know to create a parklet.

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Parkade's first property management partners love Parkade

Hear from Parkade's first property management partners about how transforming parking has not just made life easier for residents, but massively improved the life of its property management and security teams as well.

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The other curve your company needs to flatten to get back to work

It’s clear that last year’s office configuration won’t work, but last year’s commute and parking at your workplace won’t work either — companies will need to flatten their parking curve to accommodate their team. 

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Now live: Monthly, recurring reservations!

We've just added support for monthly, long-term reservations to the Parkade app! These are reservations without an end date, and they'll be billed monthly. Cancelable at any time.

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Introducing the new Parkade logo and brand

Goodbye Park, hello Parkade! Our new brand and website is live.

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