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Share monthly parking easily at your building

At most apartments and condos, some parking spots sit empty, while residents need extra parking. Parkade makes it easy to share and rent those spots.

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How it works

Parkade makes it easy

Those with extra parking spots set their price

Whether it's building management, or a resident, anyone with a spot to share can set an asking price.

And indicate how long their spot is available for

Those sharing a spot can use a calendar to indicate how long their spot will be available for, so their spot can only be booked for dates they've made available.

See guide on adding availability
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  • Global Swatches
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THere's a better way

Then, those who need extra spots book instantly

Anyone who needs monthly parking can search and view spots that have been listed, along with prices. Once they select a spot, billing is done monthly. Either party can cancel, with prorated refunds.

No spots available? Ping neighbors with an offer

If all monthly spots have been booked, those looking for parking can ping all members of their parking group with an offer, in case someone is willing to give up their spot (or didn't add their availability).

  • Beautiful Landing Pages
  • Global Swatches
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Full CMS Support

Say goodbye to parking waitlists, all-building emails & bulletin boards

Many tenants resort to building-managed waitlists, bulletin boards, email groups, Nextdoor, Craigslist Facebook groups, or a myriad of other ways to try to rent a spot. Parkade is far easier! 

Parking you need is sitting empty

At almost every residential building, there are some parking spots that sit unused — unsold, or assigned to someone who doesn't need it. Parkade lets those spots be rented by other residents who need extra monthly parking.

Packed with features you need

Parkade is built expressly, from the ground up, to make sharing monthly parking easy among a group of tenants.
Monthly billing
Automated reminders
No overlapping bookings
Payments built in
Prorated refunds
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Ready for better monthly parking?

Just download the app, add your building and (if you're ready) invite the other building tenants. Or, let us know if you want to contact us.