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Stop fighting over EV parking

Does your parking lot have more electric vehicles than EV parking spots? Parkade tames the chaos, helping drivers share limited EV chargers.

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Save money by sharing EV chargers

Until now, buildings have needed an EV charger for every single electric vehicle. Parkade enables EV parking to be time limited and easily shared with other building tenants — vastly reducing the number of chargers a building needs.

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Replace range anxiety with predictable charging

Whether at a workplace, condo or apartment, Parkade makes it easy to reserve an EV parking spot in advance. EV drivers know in advance whether an EV parking spot (with charger) is available.

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Solving a huge need

Today's options are EV owners are either a dedicated charger at home (very expensive) or hoping to find shared charging at home or work (very frustrating)
Percent of NYC vehicles that are EVs, or 5,801 in all five boroughs
Percent of Americans whose homes don't support a dedicated charger
Typical cost of installing a L2 networked charger in multi-family

Better EV charging at apartments & condos

Manage use of communal chargers

Communal chargers invite abuse, as residents leave their cars for too long, or ignore posted time limits. Parkade helps regulate usage of these parking spots.

Make dedicated chargers shareable

Parkade makes it easy for a resident with a dedicated charger + parking spot to share their charger with other residents, when not using their parking spot.

Install cheaper, non-networked chargers

"Networked" chargers that bill users for precise usage are twice as expensive as non-networked chargers. Why not just charge based on parking, install cheaper chargers and roll the electricity costs into the price? 

Help owners recoup costs

Condo owners face a tough choice when deciding whether to pay to install an EV charger just for themselves. With Parkade, they can charge others to use their charger, and recoup costs.

Better EV charging at workplaces

Make EV parking reservable in advance

Range anxiety is real for EV owners. Give your employees peace of mind, and let them reserve the EV spots in advance, so they don't have to stress.

Manage use of communal chargers

Workers leave their cars for too long, or ignore posted time limits, in communal spots. Parkade helps regulate usage of these parking spots, and sends notifications.

Recoup costs (or don't)

EV chargers are expensive. Parkade helps you recoup those costs (if you chose to) and price your EV parking, which allows you to roll out even more EV spots. Plus you can install cheaper non-networked chargers.

Put EV spots to their best use

It's possible you'll have too much EV parking. If parking is a hot commodity, it's a waste for those spots to site empty. If you price your EV parking, non-EVs could opt to pay to park in an EV spot, if they're in a pinch.

A problem everyone wants solved

Help your residents or employees who drive EVs (or want to) finally manage the costs, or the range anxiety, and better share chargers.
"Unless there’s a charger at work or your apartment, it’s not practical to buy an E.V."
"I live in a charger desert."
"Our communal EV spots were a mess."

Ready to make EV parking easy?

Download the app and create your lot (and invite others), or drop us a note if you need more guidance. We're happy to answer questions!