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Commute planning is essential business

Few segments of life have been impacted like transportation during the pandemic. Companies must be creative in how they adjust the health risks of transit & shuttles, and flexible to meet the needs of their workforce. The following is a guide that offers recommendations for commuting in 2020.

"COVID made parking more important, and Parkade helps a ton!"
"Reservations are great for my staggered work schedule"

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How we add value

Smarter Parking

Parking needs vary, but new technology lets companies offer a variey of options, and save on taxes.

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Mobility Diversity

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Work From Home

COVID accelerated the work from home trend. WFH will be a valuable tool, even as workers return to the office.

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smarter parking

Always Enough Parking

  • Reservations Help Employees

    More employees are expected to drive to work post-COVID, but some companies plan to offer staggered schedules and extend some work from home policies. Daily reservations help employees know they can park on days they need to work from the office.

  • Everyone Saves Money

    Parkade works with existing commuter benefits programs to make reserved parking a new pretax option. Allowing employees to reserve parking with their pretax debit cards also lowers the company payroll taxes.

Example Lot: 20 Spots (calculator?)

New Funds
From Parking
No Parkade
(no savings)
Price: $100
per space
(pretax savings)
(payroll tax
"This is the key to building less parking." 

No security compromises

  • Groups are private, so no stranger danger

    You'll have full control over the level of privacy that's right for your building, and Parkade is restricted just to residents and staff by default.

  • Full oversight for your on-site team

    Have a security desk or property management team? They can monitor membership, ban bad actors and view all past, current and future reservations — so they know where to turn if there's a parking question.

Mobility Diversity

Support workers with creative commute alternatives.

  • The bicycle makes a comeback

    It never really left, but suddenly bikes are emerging as a better way to get from A to B and avoid contact with others. Parkade creates funds that can be allocated to resources for the bike community, and allows that group to reserve parking on certain days they need to drive to the office.

  • Like transit, but smaller & safer

    The benefits of transit & shuttles is hard to match, but creative alternatives can help your workforce access new modes that continue to avoid driving. Ride services (for short trips) and vanpools (for longer commutes) offer solo or small group trips to make commuting easy, create productive time on the road, and avoide pressure on the parking lot. Parkade makes it easy to get a spot when they need it, and can help fund alternatives like ride service.

    More about visitor parking
Workload automation

We automate your on-site team's parking tasks

  • Stop handling parking tasks manually

    From billing to spot assignments to issuing visitor passes, many properties hire staff just to deal with parking. We  automate all of that, so your team can focus on more important tasks, like occupancy and resident satisfaction.

  • Germ-free parking interactions

    Keep your team safe. Parkade lets tenants rent parking for themselves or visitors without interacting with your team — they just use their smartphone.


Solve your electric vehicle parking dilemma

  • Delight residents who own EVs

    Make it easy and predictable to get a parking spot with an EV charger. That's a perk for which many new residents will pay a premium.

  • Expand EV parking faster and cheaper

    Networked chargers, which track and bill usage, are 2-3x as expensive as "non-networked" chargers. Plus, residents often park for too far long in these spaces, frustrating other EV drivers.

    Solve multiple problems by installing non-networked chargers and charging for parking via Parkade instead.

    More about EV parking

Then, build less parking next time

Parking is generally overbuilt, and then poorly utilized. Parkade changes that, and helps your parking utilization skyrocket. By locking in the use of Parkade, you can plan for less parking in your next development.
Average residential parking utilization (multi-family)
Average commercial parking utilization
Reduction in parking ratios enabled by Parkade

So what does all this cost? Nothing.

  • Parkade just takes a commission

    When parking is rented, Parkade keeps 10-20% of the cost of the parking. There are no up-front fees, and no monthly fees.

  • Better yet, we even offer a revenue share

    We offer a revenue share so that, when parking is shared between tenants, building owners can take a cut. It's just another way Parkade helps you increase revenue.

    Have questions? Get in touch.

Designed expressly for developers

The Parkade app has been designed, from the ground up, to perfectly suit the needs of residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings
Book instantly, any time

Many buildings have visitor parking, or rent unbundled parking monthly. But getting those spots is unpredictable or time-consuming.

Parkade replaces that, by allowing anyone to manage a calendar of available dates/times the spot is available. Tenants can book those times instantly, at any hour.

  • Fast
  • Less email clutter
  • Less back-and-forth
Payments + payouts built in

Zero accounting headaches! Parkade charges rentals straight to renters' credit cards. Building management can transfer the money to their bank account or debit card. Easy peasy!

More questions? Contact us.
Automated enforcement
Monitoring visitor parking can be emotionally and physically consuming for your property management team.

Stop wasting their time, and let Parkade do the hard work. We'll ensure rentals never overlap, and we'll automatically notify renters at the start and end of their reservation.
More questions? Contact us.
Unbundle right, with Parkade
Whether your building is residential, mixed-use or commercial, unbundling — renting parking monthly for a cost — is a great way to boost revenue and more efficiently allocate parking. Parkade is the perfect way to do it.

And whether it's a bundled or unbundled spot, Parkade lets tenants who aren't using their spot rent it to another tenant (and you can get a cut).
More questions? Contact us.

All parking in your building, bookable in one place

Apartment residents may have access to unbundled monthly parking and, if they're lucky, some unpredictable visitor parking. Parkade centralizes all types of parking in your building in one place.
Your unbundled spots

Use Parkade as the way tenants get parking, for a fee, and they can rent hourly, daily or monthly. Up to them!

Spots assigned to tenants

Tenants can share their assigned parking spots when their car is elsewhere.

Dedicated visitor spots

Traditional “Visitor parking” spaces wholly devoted to short-term use can be made bookable (at cost, if desired) for residents and their guests.

Electric vehicle parking

Have a limited number of EV chargers to a larger number of electric vehicles? Use Parkade to manage the usage of these parking spaces.

Spots unsold or tied to vacant units

Spaces that are unsold long-term, or tied to a unit that’s empty only temporarily, shouldn't sit idle. Make them rentable (for a period) on Parkade!

Recurring vacancies

Spaces unused for portions of the day on a regular basis — like staff parking, overnight when staff is gone.

Ready to upgrade your parking?

It's our mission to help improve parking, and we'd love to talk about how we can help at your properties.

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Getting your building on Parkade is as simple as creating an account, typing your building's address and then inviting you fellow tenants, so they can join the fun.