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Reservation terms

By using Parkade, you agree to the terms outlined below.
  • It is your responsibility as the renter to ensure the date, time and location of your reservation is correct.
  • It is your responsibility as the renter to ensure you cancel unneeded reservations, and to ensure long-term reservations are terminated when they are no longer needed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your or your guest's vehicle(s) are properly registered in the app at all times.
Cancellations and Refunds
  • Rentals of more than 45 days:
    - Flexible Term Reservations: Cancel at any point and receive a prorated refund*
    - Fixed-Term Reservations: Noncancelable
  • Reservations of fewer than 45 days: Cancel until the reservation begins. Once it’s 15 minutes past the start time, you cannot cancel*
  • Free reservations can be canceled at any time*
  • If you’ve rented your parking spot long-term to another party, 14-day notice is required to terminate the rental, once it begins
  • Parkade and the parking operator reserve the right to modify or terminate parking reservations/rentals at their discretion

    *Some reservations may be noncancelable based on written agreements with your building, or with Parkade. Fixed-term reservations may be canceled by paying 50% of the total amount due through the end of the fixed-term end date.
Parking Problems
  • Report any parking problems using the Parkade app, within the first hour after the reservation started, to be eligible for a full refund. Reporting issues more than an hour past the start time may allow renters to receive a prorated refund for any unused time.
  • If it's a fixed-term reservation, the refund option may no longer be available at all beginning 48 hours after the start of the reservation.
  • In situations where another vehicle is in your reserved spot, it is your responsibility to promptly report the problem through the Parkade app. The app will generally show you a set of immediate options to choose from, which may include a temporary parking spot. Even if no alternative spots are available, you must be sure not to park in another spot without being approved to park there by the Parkade app.
Fining & Towing Policy
  • It is your responsibility as the renter to ensure you are parked only in the spot(s) or specific identified area(s) in which you have an active reservation, and only for the duration of your reservation.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your vehicle information in Parkade up to date at all times.
  • Those who violate these policies understand that Parkade and/or your building management team (the parking operator) maintains the right to take enforcement action, including issuing fines of up to $100 per day and/or towing your vehicle.

General Parking Requirements
  • Park only in spots in which you’ve been directed to park in by Parkade.
  • Do not park in aisleways, outside of the parking lines surrounding your spot or anywhere except your designated parking space(s).
  • You must add your vehicle information and license plate before the reservation start time. If reserving a spot for a guest, you are responsible for ensuring your guest adds their vehicle information and license plate. Vehicles that are not properly registered within the Parkade app are subject to towing.
  • All vehicles parked with the Parkade platform must carry insurance that meets state laws, and have a visible license plate on at least one side of the vehicle — a temporary dealer plate with plate number is allowed. Vehicles parked without a license plate are not allowed, and are at risk of being towed.
  • Violating these rules — even if your spot is unavailable for some reason — may result in fines, and/or being towed.
  • If your vehicle is reported in another user’s reserved spot, Parkade and/or the building management team (the parking operator) maintains the right to take enforcement action, including issuing you a fine and/or towing your vehicle.
  • Reservations you make for spots through Parkade are to be used only by you, trusted guests, or other approved members of your building. The offering, posting, or resale of parking reservations you have made through Parkade on platforms outside of Parkade is strictly prohibited, and may lead to loss of parking privileges and cancellation of created reservations.
  • Fixed term reservations shorter than 45 days in length are fully billed to your payment method at the time of booking.
  • Recurring, long-term reservations are billed each month, on the renewal date specified when you make the reservation, and renters are responsible for keeping a valid form of payment on file. If Parkade fails to collect charges, your reservation may be automatically canceled. If you continue parking after the reservation has been canceled, your vehicle may be towed at your expense.
  • If your reservation is canceled due to non-payment, you must pay any past due balance in addition to the cost of a new reservation and you may be assigned to a new spot.
  • The parking operator reserves the right to adjust prices at any time
  • No vehicle maintenance (oil changes, car washes, etc) is permitted,  without prior written approval from the parking operator.
  • Car must be operable and used at least once per month.
  • Parking rentals and assignments are subject to occasional building-maintenance needs, such as repainting, repainting or repairs. Vehicle owners may be required, with advance notice, to relocate their vehicle temporarily to accommodate such work.
  • You may not park multiple vehicles, regardless of size, in the same spot without prior written approval from the parking operator.
  • You may not use your parking spot for non-vehicular storage without prior written approval from the parking operator.