Solve parking at mixed-use sites

Stop wasting idle parking at your mixed-use buildings. Parkade enables different types of tenants in the same building to share parking across uses.

"Parking here is SO. MUCH. EASIER."
"As a property manager, I've been waiting years for this."
More parking!

It's wasteful for commercial parking to sit empty at night, and residential parking to go unused during business hours — while visitors struggle to park. Parkade is the missing key.

Save staff time

Some property managers or security personnel spend as much as 2/3 of their time dealing with parking issues. Parkade can bring that to near-zero!

More revenue, with no costs

We don't charge setup or monthly fees. Buildings can use Parkade to rent their excess (unbundled) parking, and take a slice of tenant-to-tenant sharing.

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Want to see how it works? Watch the demo!

See a visual guide to how Parkade can transform a typical mixed-use building's parking lot.

The best-run buildings use Parkade

Around the country, buildings are eliminating parking frustration, improving parking utilization, enhancing revenue and saving staff time
"We never use to have enough guest parking. Now, residents just exchange spots directly, and security keeps an eye on the admin portal."
Nicholas Furey
Asst. General Manager,
La Galleria (187 units)
"It's SO much easier to accommodate friends and family these days."
Robin J
The Independent (370 units)
"Residents are so much happier (thanks to easy visitor parking), and people are learning each other's names more, since we started using Parkade."
Karen Wollens
Glassworks (30 units)

Designed expressly for your building

The Parkade app has been designed, from the ground up, to perfectly suit the needs of mixed-use residential buildings
Book instantly, any time

Many apartments have visitor parking, or rent unbundled parking monthly. But getting those spots is unpredictable or time-consuming.

Parkade replaces that, by allowing anyone to manage a calendar of available dates/times the spot is available. Tenants can book those times instantly, at any hour.

  • Fast
  • Less email clutter
  • Less back-and-forth
Payments + payouts built in

Zero accounting headaches! Parkade charges rentals straight to renters' credit cards. Building management can transfer the money to their bank account or debit card. Easy peasy!

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Automated enforcement
Monitoring visitor parking can be emotionally and physically consuming for your property management team.

Stop wasting their time, and let Parkade do the hard work. We'll ensure rentals never overlap, and we'll automatically notify renters at the start and end of their reservation.
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Unbundle right, with Parkade
Most apartment buildings either assign parking to residents, or offer unbundled parking. In either scenario, Parkade can level up your building (and increase revenue).

Your building can use Parkade to let tenants who aren't using their assigned parking to rent it to another resident (and you can get a cut), or you use Parkade to handle your monthly parking rentals.
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No security compromises

  • Groups are private, so no stranger danger

    Parkade is like a FB group for your building (just for parking). You'll have full control over the level of privacy that's right for your building, including the ability to restrict access only to residents and staff.

  • Full oversight for your on-site team

    Have a security desk or property management team? They can monitor membership, ban bad actors and view all past, current and future reservations — so they know where to turn if there's a parking question.

Use your parking better

  • Don't let excess parking just sit idle

    Parkade's sweet spot is helping the employees who come to your building every day share parking with residents who live in the same complex.

  • Better visitor parking too

    Set smart time limits on your retail parking, and you'll motivate residents and workers to utilize each other's assigned parking. Plus, offer visitor parking to your residents through Parkade and see even better results!

All parking in your building, bookable in one place

Finding parking in a mixed-use building can be disjointed and chaotic. Parkade centralizes all types of parking in your building in one place.
Spots assigned to residential tenants

Residents can share their assigned parking spots when their car is elsewhere.

Spots assigned to commercial tenants

Residents can share their assigned parking spots when their car is elsewhere.

Dedicated visitor spots

Traditional “Visitor parking” spaces wholly devoted to short-term use can be made bookable (at cost, if desired) for residents and their guests.

Electric vehicle parking

Have a limited number of EV chargers to a larger number of electric vehicles? Use Parkade to manage the usage of these parking spaces.

Spots unsold or tied to vacant units

Spaces that are unsold long-term, or tied to a unit that’s empty only temporarily, shouldn't sit idle. Make them rentable (for a period) on Parkade!

Recurring vacancies

Spaces unused for portions of the day on a regular basis — like staff parking, overnight when staff is gone.

Download — then  set up your building, for free

Getting your building on Parkade is as simple as creating an account, typing your building's address and then inviting you fellow tenants, so they can join the fun.