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Sales/Biz Dev lead

Can be based in SF Bay Area, or open to remote
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Parkade is reimagining private parking for the 21st century. We're a tiny-but-mighty team poised to become a huge force in the parking world, and we’re looking for our founding sales/biz hire to get our product into exponentially more buildings.

Our product enables condos, apartments, mixed-use buildings, and workplaces to use technology to smartly manage their parking. Instead of spots sitting idle, they can be booked instantly by other people in the building who need extra parking. Eventually, we'll enable them to be rented by the public too.

Thanks to a growing brand recognition, organic interest and marketing campaigns, we're seeing a surge in interest from building residents, developers and multi-family apartment groups who want to bring Parkade to their building(s). Evan has been leading sales/biz dev to date, but it's time to hire someone to own and scale it. The right hire could exponentially scale our business.

Job description

  • As our third employee hire, and first sales/biz dev hire, you’ll have enormous autonomy to develop and execute on Parkade’s growth and product vision
  • This role will be an individual contributor to start, but ideally can grow into a manager/executive level position in charge of hiring and growing an entire sales/partnerships division (perhaps product management too).
  • Own lead conversion. When a lead comes in, you'll jump on it by chat, email or phone
  • Work with the rest of the Parkade team to figure out what other teams can do to better support sales/biz dev growth. From making product changes, to using engineers to help you drum up leads, you should smartly strategize about how to use your coworkers' time and skills to best propel your partnership conversations
  • Figure out new ways to generate leads, and work with our marketer to launch and scale any successful marketing campaigns
  • Network, network, network
  • Navigate the real estate world. Our growth will be limited by how quickly the real estate industry will adopt it, and it will your job to get the industry to adopt it. That might involve old-fashioned (virtual) gladhanding, joining industry groups or whatever else you know (or learn) we have to do to grow
  • Until we hire a separate launch/operations team, you may be tasked with helping not just seal a partnership, but actually be in charge of the launch of Parkade at your new partner's building(s) as well
  • Especially as you will be the eyes and ears for learning what hurdles our product needs to surpass to get adopted in the real estate industry, you may be tasked with product managing those changes through the product development process. We have two extremely skilled engineers, a part-time designer and a talented former-product manager as a CEO, so you'll have lots of help here
  • Use data to drive your decisions, track your progress and constantly report to our founding team on which sales/biz dev efforts should expand
  • Ideally join us a full-time hire, but we are open to part-time or contract-to-hire as well
  • Report directly to Evan (co-founder/CEO)


  • You should have at least 5 years of experience selling software, ideally into real estate groups, or working in real estate on the buying side of real estate technology. Either way, you should understand how to sell technology to buildings, offices and/or real estate groups
  • You know the multi-family and/or commercial real estate world. If you don't, you better be able to learn it, and quick
  • You have a background in technology startups, parking and real estate/property management
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced, early-stage startup environment. Comfort with ambiguity and independent decision making
  • Excellent communication skills — written, verbal and video
  • You should be comfortable working in spreadsheets, and be able to analyze data, read/create charts and use data as a core part of your marketing strategy
  • A passion for changing the built world, and creating a safer, greener, more affordable world that doesn't have vastly too much parking


Parkade is headquartered in San Francisco, in a wonderful office tower above Montgomery BART. Ideally, we’d like to hire someone in San Francisco to join our office, but especially in light of COVID-19, we are open to a remote hire. 

If you are located outside of the Bay Area, being located in a “high potential” market for our product is ideal — like NYC, Los Angeles, Orange County, South Florida, or anywhere with a significant number of large condo, apartment and office buildings that need our product. 

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