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Backend engineer

Bay Area or remote
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About the job

  • Join a small (but mighty!) engineering team.
  • Help build and scale the Parkade server and API, written in Python, which supports the mobile and web apps.
  • Have an outsized impact on how things are built.
  • Join a company focused on sustained productivity rather than excessive hours.


  • At least 5+ years experience doing backend work.
  • You are very good at Python
  • Alternatively, you're very good at a similar language and are willing to learn python.You are proficient in at least one major front-end framework (e.g. React, Backbone, Ember, etc.).
  • You're not a DBA but you know enough Postgresql or MySQL to avoid common pitfalls.
  • You have experience architecting large projects and can make solid design decisions backed up by mistakes you've made in the past.
  • You know enough about devops to help write deploy scripts and set up new servers from scratch.


  • Work with Product and Engineering to build a delightful product, inside and out.
  • Iterate on customer feedback to continuously improve features we've built.
  • Advocate for the user experience, calling out problems and suggesting new ideas when you see them.
  • Build with a mind for maintainability so that it's hard to break the app without also failing the tests.
  • Build an app which mostly doesn't break, but when it does, it's easy to know what's going wrong.

Bonus points

  • Experience working with Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Experience writing frontend code with React or React Native.
  • You have built a complicated website from the ground up before.
  • You care deeply about problems related to parking and efficient use of space and resources in cities.

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