Community standards

Sharing parking requires a foundation of shared expectations for those participating. This guide outlines the core tenants owners and renters should rely on to successfully share parking.

Both owners and renters should respect each other, and abide by the rules (and spirit) of what was agreed to. Renters should arrive after the start of their rental and depart before the end time. For owners, make sure the spot is open and available during the committed dates/times.

Renters, be sure to overestimate the time you’ll need the space. It’s better to book too much time, rather than not enough.


Automobiles are a great resource, but as powerful devices, they should be treated with caution. While most parking spots are same, some can be unique — owners should think carefully before sharing a spot that could be dangerous to park in, or likely to cause parkers to damage their vehicle if unfamiliar with the spot.

Renters should be cautious and aware when entering a parking environment you are not familiar with, and expect the unexpected, whether it’s pedestrians, cyclists, or anything else that might interact with your vehicle in this setting.

As a renter, if you cause any damage with your vehicle, email ASAP.


Life happens, and we understand if your plans change. For both owners and renters, change in plans can impact the person with whom you’ve agreed to share parking — so try your best to avoid putting others in a situation where your change in plans negatively impacts them.

Parkade has a defined cancelation policy that protects the interests of both renters and spot hosts and differs slightly depending on the length of the reservation. The policy can be read in detail here:

Spot hosts should do their best to keep your calendar up to date to avoid issues, but if anyone should need need to cancel a short-term reservation more than 15 mins past the start time (or have special needs to change a long-term reservation), get in touch with the Parkade team at We'll do our best to mitigate the situation.


Honesty and integrity are key to sharing parking. If you’re using Parkade to rent a spot, then you should use that spot to park a vehicle, and only for parking. Don’t store things in the spot, don’t perform vehicle maintenance or sleep in the car while it’s parked. And if you have unusual parking expectations about your parking needs — like you want to park an RV — communicate that to the spot owner in the Notes section of your parking request, or immediately after booking.