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Loved by buildings worldwide

“The short-term reservations are providing a kind of income that we weren't able to take in before Parkade."

Erica M.

Dir. of Commercial Management, Thrive Companies

“Our parking runs so smoothly here because of Parkade, and I’d rather deal with anything else than parking.”

Jacob S.

Dir. of Residential Services, Milhaus Residential

“It’s just a no brainer to use Parkade.”

Brook P.

Regional Manager, Greystar

“Residents love Parkade. They really do.”

Mariana S.

Community Manager, First Service Residential

“Using Parkade, we’ve seen a $4,000/mo revenue increase, plus our staff is saving a ton of time.”

Erik W.

AVP of Property Management, Crawford Hoying

“We needed magic for all the residents to have a parking space. Parkade worked like magic.”

Eunice L.

Community Manager, Sares Regis Group

“We went from having constant parking issues to not having any parking issues.”

Andrew P.

Community Manager, Greystar

“Parkade is the perfect office parking system.”

Stephen G.

President, Kairos Real Estate

"Before [Parkade], nobody could park in our building. People were on waiting lists for 10 years.”

Kelly J.

General Manager, 201 Isabella

More parking, less work, happier residents

It's time to ditch the spreadsheet—go digital with Parkade.

Self-serve parking

Residents at your apartment manage their assigned parking spots directly in the Parkade the app—including payment, vehicle info, problem reporting, short-term rentals and more.See how it works ›

Short-term rentals

With a single tap, parkers with a long-term spot can release it into the pool whenever they're away. Meanwhile, staff can easily reassign idle spots for short-term use, instantly boosting capacity and maximizing revenue.See how it works ›

In-app enforcement

Modernize enforcement with easy in-app tools including automatic parking violations, a self-serve problem portal, and temporary spot relocation.See how it works ›

Hassle-free system rollout

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