Corey Black


Corey Black loves telling stories, and came to Parkade to help Parkade tell our story — about our vision for a better planet and better cities, about our customers and about how parking can be used in a much better way. Prior to Parkade, he took a year off to travel, after working at non-profit YearUp for five years.

Blog Posts

How to manage EV charger parking at your building

At Parkade, we work with buildings across the world to help make their parking great. As the world heads toward an EV-centric future, we can help make sure your building is ready for EV charging. Read on to learn more.

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How to price parking at your apartment building

Pricing your parking is a tough decision. At Parkade, we work with buildings across the globe to help them better manage their parking—read on discover what we’ve learned.

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Dos and don’ts of visitor parking registration at your apartment

We’ve spoken to dozens of apartments around the country, and put together the most common pitfalls and top recommendations on how to do visitor parking registration right.

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