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There's a better way to rent parking to your residents

Most buildings that rent parking spots to their tenants ("unbundling" parking from rent) aren't doing it right. Parkade makes all parking rentable for any time period, maximizing revenue and eliminating the need for separate guest parking.

A new way for tenants to get parking at home

It's 2020 — isn't it time tenants stopped having to fill out forms or use up your valuable property management time to get a parking spot? Have tenants use Parkade instead.

  • Beautiful Landing Pages
  • Global Swatches
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Full CMS Support

Unbundled parking, done better

More revenue, less tenant turnover

At most buildings, parking is a huge source of frustration for tenants and staff. When you use Parkade to handle leasing your parking spots, you'll see more revenue and far happier tenants.

Eliminate separate guest parking

"Guest Parking" signs usually encourage seriously bad parking behavior — frustrating managers and residents. With Parkade, you can both rip out your guest parking signs and have more parking available for guests.

Spots can be rented for any length

Unbundled parking is typically only available for a minimum lease of 30 days — often 3 or 6 months. Parkade enables your parking spaces to be rented for any length of time, increasing revenue and satisfaction.

Spots are inherently reshareable

When residents who book long-term parking leave town, they'll be able to reshare their spot with other tenants. This vastly increases your parking capacity, and makes your parking more valuable.

Parkade is the tool your building needs

We've reimagined how parking should work for multi-family buildings. Parkade is packed with features that make it the perfect way to rent spots to tenants.
Reserve in advance
Admin view
Automated reminders
No overlapping bookings
Integrated payments

See Parkade in action

Unbundled parking, just for your tenants and team.

We take the parking load off your staff's plate

  • We handle all rentals, at any hour

    Many buildings, even today, still rely on old school methods to lease parking — like requiring tenants to visit a property management office, billing tenants manually or filling out paper forms. 

    With Parkade, your staff just sets up your spots, sets prices and invites tenants, and we take care of the rest. Payments, spot assignments, notifications, etc.

  • Admin tools, for the rare day you need them

    Your staff is given an administrative view that lets them see all Parkade activity in your building, in case they need to who has parked where.

Not familiar with unbundled parking?

Unbundled parking is the idea that parking is rented separately, and not included in an apartment lease (or included in job benefits, for parking at work). It's in contrast to "bundled" parking, where parking is bundled, for free, with a lease.

Don't just take our word for it

Pricing parking, assigning spots and making sure bookings don't overlap isn't property management's core competency. It's ours.
"We forgot to raise parking prices for three years, leaving hundreds of thousand of dollars on the table." — Michael Karp, owner of University City Housing

Ready to fix unbundled parking?

Get in touch with our team, and we'll make life (and parking) easier for you and your tenants.