How-to #5: Parking leases

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Last updated:March 30, 2022

Adding parking to your lease agreement


Clear rules creates fair parking for everyone

Maintain consistency at all times

Be responsive to feedback

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NOTE: Parkade has made this sample parking addendum available as a service to the general public, and Parkade’s partner properties. Use of this sample document does not in any manner constitute an attorney-client relationship between Parkade and yourself, or your firm. The sample document is not intended as legal advice, or as a substitute for the particularized advice of your own counsel, and you should consult an attorney before utilizing any language found therein.

Parking Addendum to Lease Agreement

This addendum to the Lease dated as of the Lease Date, by and between Landlord and Tenant, is attached as if a part of said Lease and agreed to by the Parties as follows:

Parking is available for an additional fee. Prices may vary by location, spot size, and other features. Parking may be available in surface lots or parking garages depending on your community and the location of your premises within said community. Landlord reserves the right to change the type and location of parking at any time and for any reason.

Parking is available for tenants via the Parkade app, at the price(s) shown. Upon thirty (30) days written notice to Tenant, Landlord may, at its sole discretion, change the fees for parking — and Landlord has the right to delegate communication to Parkade.

Tenant understands and agrees that the ability to lease a parking space shall only be available to residents in a current Lease with Landlord. Tenant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations regarding Parking Facilities as detailed in the Community Policies.

Tenant agrees to each of the following conditions:

  1. At no time maintain within any parking space an article dangerous or detrimental to life or the health of the occupants of the apartment community; nor may there be stored, kept, or handled any excelsior, cotton, paper, stock, rags, junk or any other flammable material that may create a fire hazard.
  2. Residents agree vehicle(s) must be registered and insured as required by state and local law. Inoperable and/or illegally parked vehicles will be towed at vehicle owner's expense.
  3. Tenants are responsible for the cost of electric vehicle charging, available through clearly marked electric-vehicle chargers.
  4. No electric vehicles are permitted to be charged in a parking space that is not an electric car charging station unless a meter is installed at the Tenants expense to the outlet Tenant is using. Tenant will only be permitted to charge at this designated outlet. The meter will be installed by Landlords designated contractor only.
  5. No improvements or alterations shall be made to the parking spaces without the prior written consent of Landlord.
  6. Landlord has no liability whatsoever for loss of damage to resident’s property whether by fire, theft, vandalism, mysterious disappearance or otherwise.
  7. No items other than vehicles are to be stored in any parking space. Any stored items shall be deemed abandoned if not removed within ten (10) days after termination of Tenant’s occupancy of the Premises described in said Lease. Upon such abandonment, Landlord may remove all personal property therein and sell it at public sales and the proceeds from the sale thereof may be applied to the expenses for removal notice and advertisement of sale and for lost rental revenues.
  8. All parking spaces on the property are only available to be reserved by residents, and residents may only park in spots they have expressly been given consent to park in. Residents may reserve a space and allow guests to park in such a space. ALL UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES MAY BE TOWED AT OWNERS’ OWN EXPENSE.
  9. RESIDENT VEHICLES MAY BE TOWED IF IMPROPERLY PARKED. Any car towed for improper parking — unauthorized parking in a space outside of reserved times or parking somewhere outside marked parking spaces — will be towed at the owner/Tenant’s expense.
  10. Vehicles must be operating on a monthly basis. Inoperable vehicles are considered but not limited to those vehicles not driven regularly, those with flat tires, not mechanically fit or not properly registered.
  11. If vehicle leaks oils, gas, or other fluids the Landlord may tow at the Tenant’s expense and Tenants will pay for any damages as a result thereof.
  12. Tenant’s only permitted use of the garage or parking lot is to park in the designated spaces.
  13. For any indoor parking, the speed limit is 5 mph.
  14. Management may relocate or dismantle parking spaces at its sole discretion.
  15. Management may delegate parking assignments, access, enforcement and controls to a third-party service provider at its sole discretion. Tenant shall be notified of such provider and management reserves the right to change providers or terminate use of said provider.
  16. Tenant acknowledges that garage and surface lots will be cleaned, repainted and snow will be removed from any spot from time to time. Tenant will relocate Tenant’s car as requested by the Landlord to accommodate cleaning, painting and snow removal.
  17. A charge of up to $75.00 per occurrence will be assessed for verified parking violations per day, at Landlord’s discretion.

By signing this, I acknowledge that this becomes part of my Lease. I have read and understand my responsibilities.

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