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Front-end engineer

Bay Area or remote
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Parkade's mission is to transform cities, increase mobility and create a greener world. With a fresh round of funding, we're building a world that has fewer parking spots, but where every spot is available to use at the push of a button.

Led by Lyft's first product manager and Getaround's lead mobile engineer, our team knows how to scale and build great technology. We now have dozens of condo buildings on the platform in three states, but we want to be in 100 buildings by the end of the year — and need your help to take our product to the next level.

This hire is crucial, as our product today is essentially only a React Native mobile app. We need help both improving the app's front-end technology and building out a web app — for consumers to book/share parking and for buildings to manage their parking. You'll help transform our product from something used a handful of cities to a nationwide brand that will become the go-to platform your friends and family use to find parking.

Job description

  • Join a small (but mighty!) engineering team.
  • Help build the new Parkade web app from scratch.
  • Have an outsized impact on how things are built.
  • Focus on consistent productivity rather than excessive hours.
  • Opportunity to also work on the existing Parkade mobile app written in React Native.
  • Build other web apps as we need them, e.g. an admin app.


  • 3+ years experience as a Front-end Engineer.
  • You are an expert at JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • You are proficient in at least one major front-end framework (e.g. React, Vue, Ember, etc.).
  • You have an excellent understanding of web tooling (e.g. jest, storybook, yarn, eslint, prettier, etc.).
  • You have experience architecting large web projects and can make solid design decisions backed up by mistakes you've made in the past.


  • Work with Product and Engineering to build a beautiful web app, inside and out.
  • Iterate on customer feedback to continuously improve features we've built.
  • Advocate for the user experience, calling out problems and suggesting new ideas when you see them.
  • Build with a mind for maintainability so that it's hard to break the app without also failing the tests and if the app does break in production, it's easy to know it broke and know why.

Bonus points

  • Experience working with AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Experience with Python or a similar language not used on the front end.
  • Experience with Postgres/MySQL/etc.
  • Experience with React Native.
  • You have built a complicated website from the ground up before.
  • You care deeply about problems related to parking and efficient use of space and resources in cities.


Ideally, we’d like to hire someone in San Francisco who can work with us in person (someday) and will give local hires priority, but our mobile engineering lead is already remote and we welcome applicants from any time zone in the Americas (north and south).

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