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"It's so much easier to accommodate visitiors now!"


Robin Johnston


Residents at the Independent have been raving about Parkade, such as local Greg Anderson:

The ability to instantly find parking in the building is a game changer! My neighbors can make use of their extra spaces, and Parkade makes it easier to live downtown where parking can be tough.


The Independent is the tallest building in Austin, Texas. At 58 stories, the condominium towers over most of Austin's downtown core.

Before even planning the building, the developer knew that parking would be a major source of concern — so more than 750 parking spots were included as part of the tower project. Yet, once the project opened, residents moved in and those spots were all deeded to their various units, parking was still a constant source of frustration. Resident Robin Johnston told us:

“The ability to instantly book spots is far better than messaging everyone on BuildingLink”

BuildingLink attempt

At first, building management encouraged residents to communicate about parking via BuildingLink to better utilize their spots. However, this was problematic for few reasons: 

  • Offering money for parking was cumbersome and awkward via BuildingLink messages. Posting "I'll pay anyone $2 to borrow their spot for an hour!" felt weird, and then the trouble of figuring out how to transfer the money was more trouble than it was worth to the spot owner.
  • It was very noisy. The large number of messages sent about parking diminished the value of BuildingLink, because a successful match only needed 2 participants to be involved, while 600+ would receive the message.
  • There was no way to proactively make your spot available with BuildingLink. So if someone needs a spot, a spot owner would have to vigilantly monitor BuildingLink messages and hope to be the first to respond to one that worked for them.
  • Communication was messy, even when it worked. There was often a long back forth of contact information, spot numbers, etc.
  • People who needed parking often needed it right away, and couldn't wait to hear back via BuildingLink. So they'd park on the street or in nearby garage for $2-3/hr.

So, The Independent partnered with Parkade to make it easy for residents to exchange parking.

Parkade partnership

Park makes it so much easier to accommodate friends and family while only owning one parking space in my building.

As resident Robin Johnston will attest above, Parkade has completely changed how residents share parking at The Independent.

As it turned out, dozens of residents were not using their parking spots at all, and have made their parking spot available 24/7 on the app. Others make it available when they're out of town. Between the two groups, there are now dozens of parking spot available to residents at any given time.

And, with a glut of parking suddenly made available, neighbors are often willing to share their parking spots for as little as $.25/hr, far below local parking prices. One resident has used the app 52 times to rent a parking spot in just the first 6 months of the building's partnership with Parkade, as he regularly has his significant other visiting.

For others, they've used the Parkade app to find long-term parking arrangement, such as a resident who found a spot for her son — back from college during the summer — to park for $600 for 3 months ($200/mo).

Spots are, of course, only available to residents. Only residents can access the private Parkade group, and only residents have a garage door opener anyway — so non-residents would have no way to get into the garage anyway.

For Independent, it's been a game changer for urban living. Wasted parking spots are a relic of the past, and residents enjoy an easier parking experience than many residents of low-density neighborhoods. Now, it's just as simple as taking your phone out, and in about 12 seconds, booking a spot! 

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