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"Everyone in our building — and the friends, family and contractors who need parking here — is so much happier. "


Karen Wollens

Member, HOA board

Despite being a small building, parking was a headache at Glassworks since its construction. Located just across the street from the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium and one block from the largest commuter rail station in the city, street parking was hard to come and the building had almost zero visitor parking.

Residents, naturally, resorted to trying to share spots among their relatively tight-knit community to alleviate the issue.

However, sharing parking is difficult via email or text, and posting on the bulletin board was a lot of effort. It's awkward to charge money that way, which kept some spot owners from being interested in sharing their spot. And residents often needed a spot last minute, or late at night, which was similarly difficult to sort out via email.

Rollout process

Rolling out Parkade to Glassworks residents was incredibly easy. Parking HOA board member Karen Wollens downloaded Parkade, created the lot, and then used the app's secure invite feature to send an email to all residents with a link to join their secure parking group on Parkade.

Residents downloaded the app, added their parking spot number and added any dates they knew their spot would be available. From there, people starting pulling out the app when they next needed a spot, typically for a visitor.

"Not only is parking way easier, but by sharing my spot I'm meeting people and learning faces I've never met, even in our small building!"

How it works

Glassworks has seen some residents utilize the calendar feature, which allows spot owners. But being a smaller community, Glassworks has remained reliant on Parkade's "Request parking" feature.

This feature allows any resident to send out a request to all residents if they search for parking, and no spots have proactively been made available. That's a rare outcome in larger buildings, where there are usually more spots available than needed. But at Glassworks, when someone needs a spot, all residents are instantly notified and the first to approve the request becomes matched with the person who made the request (who is notified, and told their spot number, automatically).

It's smooth, seamless, and much easier than starting a new email thread each time someone needs a parking spot. And because Parkade structures the request with the required information (date/time of the request, amount offered), and Parkade stores parking spot numbers, there's no additional communication needed once a request is approved! 


Residents have loved Parkade, and how much easier it's made it to park at Glassworks. As Wollens said,

"Everyone in our building — and the friends, family and contractors who need parking here — is so much happier."
Now, people with empty spots have a better option than posting on the bulletin board

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